How This SAHM Made $1,000 In Her FIRST MONTH Of Flipping Items

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We love helping people find success flipping items for profit! 

We have trained people all over the world, including Hawaii and England! It gives us a lot of joy to see our students taking what we’ve taught them in Flipper University and applying it to their own lives.  

Do you want to know what’s even greater?  When our friends get the itch!

Today we have an interview with Christine, one of our Flipper U students and long-time friend. Melissa has known Christine since back in her horseback riding days when they were performers at local dinner show.

Christine has been following our family’s flipping journey for a few years now and decided it was time to make some extra money for her own family! We are super excited to share her story with you today.  

Welcome Christine! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself:  

Hello!  My name is Christine and I’m a 34-year-old mom of two boys.  My husband and I run a mobile automotive locksmith company (think pop-a-lock but family owned, and much better). We live just outside of Orlando,Florida. 

I work with my husband at the business and I am responsible for our company’s book keeping, taxes, etc.

It used to be much more difficult for me to manage my time when the boys were little. But now, it doesn’t take all that many hours of my life per month to accomplish these tasks.

Our boys are almost 8 and 10 and they don’t need the constant supervision they once needed when they were little ones.  

I’ve known Melissa for years and met when we both rode horses together at a local dinner show called Arabian Nights.

I’ve been following your family’s flipping business from afar for years, which is what gave me the idea to take the leap and try it for myself.

Now that I have more free time and our business isn’t that demanding, I wanted to start bringing in some extra money for our family. I saw how flipping was providing a flexible schedule for your family and thought this would work for me as well by allowing me to continue to work around my many, many other schedules while still being self-employed.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d enjoy punching a clock again after years of doing things my way.

It didn’t take you long to hit your first $1,000 in sales – just one month!   How did you get there?

Originally, I thought if I could make back the money I spent on the course then if I hated it at least I didn’t lose any money! 

To my surprise, I made my first $1.000 in the first month completely covering the cost of the course with a good chunk left over.  

I have only ever put in a couple hours collectively a week.

Dollar per hour it was fairly quick, and never disrupted my life and to top it off I really enjoy it and can’t imagine I’ll ever completely stop doing it.

Even if I decide to start something else, I have gained a valuable skill set where I can make money quick when I need it. You really can’t “unsee” the opportunity once you get started.

There are so many interesting things everywhere to list on eBay and people will buy the strangest things. So this is a great way to pick up extra money when I need it for my family.

Flipping Items

The very first thing I ever sold is still my favorite. I found it on OfferUp the very first night I started looking after starting the course.

I found an American girl doll tree house from a lady cleaning out her garage. She was asking $60 for it. I looked and the comps were well over $200-300 easily depending on the condition.

I offered her $40 and she accepted. When I went to pick it up, I found it was in fantastic shape and I sold it within 5 hours of listing it for the asking price of $385.

Knowing what I know now, I would have listed it much higher and waited! Oh well, you live and learn.

I was lucky enough to find another American Doll Tree house exactly like it just a few months later and I will do some things different when I sell this one.  

We think the great thing about flipping is people can fit it into their normal day.  If they want to make more money, they can fit a few extra hours in and they can do that.  How has flipping fit into your normal schedule?

I feel like I could be doing so much more flipping, but I do as much as I can to comfortably fit around my regular life. I stop to pick up doll furniture on the way to play dates, sell a stroller before we go to the library, or drop off an eBay box at the post office after the gym.

It’s been pretty easy to find the time to get things done and it works well for our family. I will sometimes list smaller items while I’m cooking dinner or take a few quick photos of a Barbie car while my pasta boils!

Whatever time I have, I try to fit in something productive with my flipping side hustle.  It doesn’t interfere with my life and it adds some extra income for our family.  

Just some advice for people thinking about flipping.  If you have read about it and you think it might work for you, it probably will. It’s such a flexible type of thing to do. 

From what I’ve seen in the coaching group, no two flippers are alike. Everyone has items they prefer flipping and it’s not always what you’d think.  I’m the biggest tomboy. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Barbie in my life and I have two sons who haven’t ever owned one!

Yet here I am preferring to flip American Girl dolls and Barbie accessories. I’ve just learned by watching and flipping what types of those items will make money. Now I keep an eye out for them. Flipping is flexible and can fit into any lifestyle.  

We love to find out what people are doing with their extra cash!  We get emails daily from people who are really struggling financially and looking for ways to earn extra money.  What do you plan to do with the extra money for your family?

We have our main home and a rental property, which are close to being paid off.  We plan to start making extra payments to pay it down faster.

I considered part time employment options for about a year before deciding to give flipping a try. Like I said, punching a time clock does not appeal to me. As far as goals, I don’t have any solid goals yet outside of adding to our “extra” money available to pay down one of the mortgages we carry.

I do enjoy that Paypal transfer to our bank account though! It sure is nice!  

One thing that helps us stay in budget is a family budgeting app called “You Need a Budget” or YNAB. It’s a great app if you are in the market and are wanting to set some financial goals for your family.

I love adding money to my “flipping money” category that I can then move to the mortgage category to pay down the house or to the “dining out” category when my Starbucks funds run low!  It is a really great added visual of the flipping money helping our family budget. 

What is one valuable lesson you have learned since starting flipping?

I think the biggest lesson, and one that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, is how my family has always been able to live being self-employed.  There are no rules saying money is only good if someone with a title somewhere signs a check for you. “Real jobs” are overrated.

Hard work and thinking outside of the box are actually much better for me. Income can be created through a lot of different sources and that works for us.

Melissa and I had a good laugh when you shared you are “allergic” to clutter!  How have you been able to keep your house free of clutter and still managed to be successful flipping? 

Yes, that was my biggest fear about flipping! I won’t lie, I hate clutter and it could get out of control without some organization skills.

When I started, I had to think through what an ideal system would look like if I had 10+ listings to store in my home. I made a rule that I wouldn’t get any new items until I had all of my available items listed. That way, there weren’t random unboxed items lying around my house.

When I purchase an item to flip, I always box it up and upload the weight and measurements to the listing. This helps reduce work when I actually sell it and is much easier for me to store my items neatly packed in boxes.

I also print a label to attach to the outside of the box identifying what’s inside. This keeps me from having items around my house unlisted and taking up space. To me, a ready-to-ship box looks more like money than clutter!

This keeps my allergy to clutter in check! 

Christine, thanks so much for sharing your flipping side hustle with us!

We are super stoked about how you have been able to fit flipping into your busy lifestyle and bring in some extra money for the early pay-off of your mortgage and your family’s fun money.  It sure beats a regular part-time job, doesn’t it? Keep at it!

If flipping items sounds like a fun way to make some extra money for your family, then check out our FREE Intro Workshop and see how it’s one of the quickest ways to make extra money! 

Some pics from Christine & Melissa’s days at Arabian Nights:


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