How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money

How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money

Learn how to sell shoes online to grow your flipping business and make more money. You can sell shoes on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and other reselling platforms. Once you learn the niche, it can be a profitable business. People love shoes and whether it’s buying a hot new sneaker they couldn’t find anywhere else, or buying a used pair to save money, there’s always a market for reselling shoes. 

Learn The Brands

When selling shoes online, you will learn some brands sell better than others. Name brands like Nike, Jordan, and Jimmy Choo might sell better used than a store brand. Finding a niche can be a way to speed up the learning process. For example, you could focus on sports cleats or climbing shoes. Do your research on the brands. Learn what is popular by looking at sold shoes on eBay. This part of the business may take you a while to learn, but it gets easier the more time you’ve spent flipping shoes. 

The other piece to learn is pricing. You might be able to pick up a pair of shoes from between $5 to $15 and flip it for $40-$100. Determine what your goal is to make per pair, and use that to help you decide which shoes are worth flipping.

How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money

Know How To Check For Quality

Nobody wants to buy a pair of shoes only to have them fall apart as soon as they put them on. When you’re picking up shoes from the thrift store, check them for rips and tears. Bend the shoes to see if they are sturdy or if they fall apart. Check the treads on the bottom of athletic shoes. If shoes are good quality but dirty, you can work with that. You’ll have to clean the shoes you get anyway, and simple shoe cleaning kits make that easy. 

Where To Source Shoes

There are many places to source shoes. If you have a local thrift store that sells shoes, add that to your weekly sourcing list. Estate sales, yard sales, consignment stores, and apps are also great places to find shoes at a good price, but check them for quality before purchasing. If there is a nicer neighborhood in your city with a thrift store, it might be worth the drive because they are more likely to have name-brand items. 

Another option is to purchase shoes in bulk from a wholesaler or manufacturer. You may be able to buy extra stock or ready-made shoes to sell online. The issue with this route is that you may have to purchase a minimum quantity to be able to put  in an order, which can be expensive up front. 

How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money

Gather Your Shipping Supplies

The great thing about shoes is that once you’ve streamlined your process, you’ll only need four to five different size boxes to ship shoes in. They are relatively small so you can easily estimate shipping costs ahead of time. Check pricing from UPS, USPS and FedEx to get the best rate. Shoes are also easy to store because you can put them in boxes and stack them. Make a note on the outside of the shoebox about which item number or shoe style, color, and size are inside so you don’t have to look through every box for the right one when it’s time to ship an order. Listen to our podcast episode with Dealing With Dalton to learn how he streamlined his reselling business to only sell shoes. 

Take Quality Photos

Find a room with good lighting and take quality photos of the shoes. You may want to invest in a shoe display to make it easier to photograph your shoes. Otherwise, a simple background on a clean table will work. Take angles of the shoes from all sides, from above, and the bottoms. Show any defects in the pictures and also note them in the description. Quality photos help sell shoes faster. 

Once you’ve snapped your photos, write a detailed listing and then get to posting. Cross post on multiple platforms to increase your chances of selling, just remember to pull them down from the other platforms when they do sell. This could be your niche – sell shoes online to make money in your flipping business!

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