We Help People Create A
Profitable Reselling Business Quickly

…no matter how much or how little experience you have.

We flip as a family! That means we go to garage sales, flea markets, use sourcing apps and more to find items that others are looking to get rid of, buy it, and then sell it for a profit! Flipping is perfect for you if you’re a treasure hunter — you love a good find and a good deal!

Welcome to Flea Market Flipper. We are Rob and Melissa and we’ve been flipping all things big and small for a living since 2015. (Rob has been flipping as a side hustle since 1996!)

One thing we’ve noticed as time has gone on — it’s never been easier to make an extra $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 or more buying and selling online in your free time.

Because of flipping, we not only make enough money to do this full time, we also have a lot more time to spend with our three kids.

We started teaching others how to start and grow their flipping businesses in 2015. Since then we’ve taught hundreds of students how to make extra money on the side or turn flipping into a full-time business.

Whether you want to sell small items on eBay or ship big pieces of furniture across the country, you can learn it all with Flea Market Flipper. We’re glad you’re here!

Flipping Success

Last year was a good year to be a flipper!

We made $79K in sales (mostly on eBay and then Facebook Marketplace is second), and in just 10-15hrs/week.

Our business model is high profit/low volume, which is a little different than most resellers that do high volume/low profit.

Not that one is right or wrong, just different.

We enjoy selling high-profit items because we can sell so many less of them and make the same (or more) profits! Think less listing, shipping and packaging time – which equals more time to do other things with family or spend it how you wish. 

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