Flipper University Review: Is it Worth the Money?

The focus today is our Flipper University Review, is it worth the money?

First, there are so many courses out there – literally thousands! People are marketing their brands and charging big bucks for their online courses, with the idea that you could be successful in their chosen business. 

Certainly some of those are legit and worth the money. However, others may not be. 

It’s pretty safe to say that most people are wondering if they invest their hard earned money in  a course, so will they have the same results?

Why Flipper University?

Flipper University is one of the many courses out there that you can invest in. Subsequently, we aren’t surprised when people wonder and ask, “Is this business really legit and if I invest in the course, will I actually learn the skill of flipping?”

First and foremost, we totally believe it is worth the investment. Not just because of our own success in the business. Above all, we wrote the course so we should be successful at flipping, right? 

We have references!

We have hundreds of people out there who have gone through our course, as well as been an active member in our private member’s group, and made a ton of money. Additionally, some have even made enough money to quit bummer jobs that they weren’t enjoying. 

Some have learned the ropes and created a great side hustle for extra funds for debt reduction and family vacations but others have ditched their 9-5 jobs to flip items full-time!  

Hence, If you are reading this and wondering if you could be our next success story, I’m here to tell you, it’s totally possible! Read more success stories on our blog.

Besides, our opinion doesn’t really matter. We are more interested in people’s experience after taking our course and the results they have gotten. 

For instance, let’s go over a few reasons why we believe Flipper University is an amazing investment for either a side hustle business or a full-time business. 

Flipping is an Amazing Side Hustle:

As an example, I started flipping items when I was just 16 years old. I am the youngest and only boy in a family of 7 kids. I watched my parents model of flipping to bring in extra money for our large family and to source some really great things to resell. 

Put in the work and you can make extra money

In fact, this was a great way to provide for our family back then. I watched and learned. After that, I sold my first nordic track when I was 16 and I was hooked. 

I flipped items for 25 years

Flipping as a side hustle brought in extra money for vacations, when we had unexpected bills, or when we wanted to do something fun. 

I never even realized how much money I could actually make. Besides, I was just having fun! Additionally, what I did find was that I had freedom and flexibility to be present with my family and make money when I needed it. 

In addition, I get the privilege of helping others learn the same skills to create an awesome side hustle and even some have decided flipping is worth doing full-time!

Do you just want to make an extra $500-$2,000 a month. Flipping may be the perfect side hustle for you! 

What Makes a Great Flipping Course?

Here are a few things to consider if you are considering purchasing Pro Flipper and/or Pro Flipper Plus.

  • The source:  Look for a course where the person offering it is finding success flipping items either as a side hustle or full-time. 
  • The timing:  Find a course that constantly updates the course with new and updated information. Many selling sites like facebook marketplace, Offerup, and eBay often make updates and changes. Choose an updated course that reflects the latest information.
  • The availability:  How long will you be able to access the course? Will you have lifetime access to the course?
  • Total Access: Is it possible to reach out to the teacher(s) if you have questions? What if you hit a roadblock after finishing the course and need help?
  • The support:  Does the course come with additional support such as a Facebook group or monthly support calls? Are you all alone on the journey after you purchase or is there a supportive community you can reach out to?
  • The cost: Cost of the course is a major consideration. Are you getting a good value for the money spent? Can you easily and quickly recoup your investment?
  • The content: Will the content of the course help to answer your questions? Will it help you to be successful in your flipping business?

What’s Included in Flipper University?

Next, we breakdown exactly what you will get in both the Pro Flipper and Pro Flipper Plus courses. 

Pro Flipper Course: For Beginner & Intermediate Flippers

Flipper U Cliff Notes Version:

  • Finding Items to Flip 
  • Listing Your Items
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Returns & Refunds
  • Rinse & Repeat

Pro Flipper: Getting Started – Beginner Modules

  • Pros and Cons of Reselling
  • Cleaning out Clutter 
  • Ways to Find Items For Free
  • What Items to Look For
  • How to Set up your eBay Account
  • How to Set up Your Paypal Account
  • Building Feedback Quickly
  • Pricing an Item 
  • Writing a Good Description
  • Auction vs. Fixed Price Format
  • UPS, Fedex, or USPS: Which to Use?
  • Calculated Shipping vs. Flat Rate Shipping
  • How to Package Small Items
  • How to Print eBay Labels
  • How to Cut Down a Box for Shipping
  • What’s Next?

Pro Flipper: Increasing Your Flipping Profits – Intermediate Modules

  • Does buying and reselling take advantage of people?
  • Where to find Items to Flip
  • What Items to Look for
  • Using Offerup to Source Items
  • Using Facebook to Source Items 
  • Negotiating the Sale
  • Getting Items Ready to Sell
  • Taking Great Pictures
  • Listing an Item
  • Personal vs. Business Account
  • Improving eBay SEO
  • Good Communication
  • Refunds & Returns 
  • How to Become a Top Rated Seller
  • Preventing Negative Feedback
  • Selling on Craigslist
  • Selling on Offerup
  • Selling on Facebook
  • Packing Materials 
  • Packing Medium & Large Items Fedex & UPS
  • Saving Money on Shipping Labels
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Setting up your Business 
  • Taxes
  • Record Keeping Methods
  • Resources & Quick Links
  • What’s Next?

Pro Flipper Plus: Beginner & Intermediate Plus Freight Shipping Course

In addition, this package includes all Pro Flipper Modules for Beginner & Intermediate PLUS the Freight Shipping Course.

  • Listing Your Item with Freight Shipping
  • Palletizing and Crating Large Items: Fedex/UPS or Freight
  • Boxing Large Items
  • Fedex/UPS vs. Freight
  • How to Make a Crate
  • Getting Your Freight Quote
  • Pick-up vs. Terminal Drop off
  • Quotes & Drop Off
  • What’s Next?

Cost of Flipper University Course?

If you’ve done some of your own research and looked into the cost of some other online courses, you may be surprised at the price tag. 

For example, other courses can really cost you with no guarantees. 

After all, we have considered all of our competitors and feel we’ve come up with a good balance for pricing.

Our Pro Flipper Beginner and Intermediate course is offered at $497,  while our Pro Flipper Plus course (which includes all of Pro Flipper Beginner and Intermediate including Freight Shipping) is priced at $897. (Which you can easily make back with ONE feight flip!)

In addition to getting all of the course modules to get you started, included is our amazing and helpful course members facebook group access. Here we have a group full of successful flippers with a wealth of information. They are constantly there to answer your questions and help you be successful in this business.

Furthermore, Melissa and I are also active in the group answering questions and sharing our years of knowledge. It’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving!

Our Goal with Flipper University

Above all, It’s our goal to help our course members learn the skills to earn their course cost back in the first 30 days and many of them do!

In fact, if you have looked around, there are a lot of courses out there that are significantly less. In other words, we believe Flipper University is a great decision and investment for a few reasons:

  • Start flipping today with no start-up money (and I’ll teach you how)
  • There is very little overhead to run your business
  • If you have a smart phone and printer, you can start earning money today
  • Be in control of your own schedule
  • Have unlimited income potential
  • Be your own boss

One more thing…we offer 100% 30-day money back guarantee if you’ve gone through the course, applied our principles, and completed our return policy terms and conditions. You can be confident that you’re purchasing the best course possible.

Everyday People Are Making It Happen

We have students from all walks of life.

We have nurses, teachers, CPA’s, college students, stay-at-home moms, house cleaners, freelancers, retirees, sales reps – and the list goes on.

Flipper University Review

Joanna was able to pay $9K CASH for a camper for their family this year. All from her flipping income!

Flipper University Review

Natalie had her first $5K 90-day total!

Flipper University Review

Beth has had multiple $10K months!

Flipper University Review

And Nikki was able to quit her nursing job because of her flipping income!

Flipper University Review

And just recently we received this email from a new member. Getting e-mails like this makes all the effort we put in so worth it!

Final Thoughts on Flipper University  

A friend of mine shared a quote with me once, “Education is Cheap Compared to Ignorance.” For example, It’s always hard to know if investing in yourself or in some form of education is worth the money.

In fact, there are so many courses to choose from. It can be a hard decision. Believe me, we know!

Again, the whole reason I created this course is that I learned it first hand. Consequently, when I jumped into flipping full-time, I had no one to model for me how to do it right.

For me, it was trial and error. And my trial and error has been able to help others avoid the pitfalls and be successful at this business! 

In conclusion, every day I am out in the real world making it happen – and I put Flipper University together to share it all with you to help you avoid the mistakes I made.

And now it’s time to learn the exact steps needed to make it happen and therefore create your own story of flipping success!

Further Resources

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I grew up in Central Florida and have lived here my whole life. I first got into buying and selling items when I was 16 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It has mostly been a hobby that makes some extra cash, but sometimes it serves as my main income as well. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I find too many fun toys for my family (or myself), and just love the whole process.

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