How This Working Mom Took Her Reselling Side Hustle From $250/Mo To $2,000/Mo


Bust Through Your Fear and Have a Successful Flipping Business

Flipper University Alum Joanna had convinced herself that success was for other people and not for her. Once she realized that, she was able to work through it, overcome it and move forward to successfully flipping items to make good money.

Joanna had some basic experience when she found Melissa and I in a program called Work at Home School. She was unhappy in her job and looking for ways to make extra money and not be so tied to her miserable job. 

If you have any fears or reservations about this flipping gig working for you, than check out the video interview:

How She Started

At first, she started flipping small items that made about $40 profit. After several months of that, she sold something that made her a $100 profit and she decided that is what she wanted to make per sale from then on.

When Melissa and I went full-time with our flipping business, we decided that we wanted our business model to be “working smarter and not harder”. We have 3 young children and we want to have time with them as a family. Our goal is to make 10 times what we invest in an item.

It is different for everyone and that is okay. No matter what you are comfortable with, that is your choice, and there are no wrong answers.

Joanna liked our business model and has slowly built up to that. 

About Joanna

She works full-time and raises 2 kids at home. She wanted to build her flipping business but still have time for her family.

In the beginning of her flipping journey, she was thrilled to make $200 a month. One month she made $500, and decided that is what she wanted to make a month.

After several months of consistently making $500 a month she pushed herself and increased her monthly profits to $1000 a month.

Joanna’s Niche

Joanna doesn’t focus on one niche in her selling business. She has found success flipping all kinds of things. 

She started with things like coffee pots, digital picture frames, shoes and baby items. She grew to finding commercial items, sleep number beds, cooktops, ovens and more.

About a year ago she hit $10,000 in her flipping business. Since then, she has been stepping up her flipping game and this year she is consistently making $2000 to $2500 per month.

This year, Joanna really stepped out of her box and found a Military helicopter seat, 2 rows of airline seats, a high end commercial oven, commercial items and some specialty equipment for people with special needs.

How Did You Overcome Fear and Keep a Positive Mindset?

Joanna, with each new step in your flipping business how did you overcome fear and keep your mindset positive? “I constantly remind myself that I can be successful just like other people. I tell myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. Even when I am scared, and believe me, I get scared, I push myself and do it anyway instead of stopping and letting the fear win.”

Pushing through fear is one of the most empowering feelings. We are all scared sometimes, but when we do it anyway, it feels so good.

I asked Joanna about a time that she was scared out of her mind in her flipping business and what she did to overcome it.

“I sold 10 industrial lights to a store in Las Vegas. The guy told me that if I could combine the listing so he could buy all ten at one time and if I could find a way to use his UPS business account for shipping that he would buy all 10.  I was so scared. I had no idea how to do either of those things. I was at work and I was feeling frantic because I didn’t want to lose that sale. I took some deep breaths, reassured myself I could do it, I made some calls and figured out how to do the UPS business account and then I reached out to someone in the Flipper University Facebook Group and she was able to help me combine the separate listings into one big order.

I remember my heart racing, I remember doubt trying to creep in, but I was determined. No matter how scared I was, I pushed through and man was it ever rewarding. That $750 felt amazing, especially considering that I only spent $40 on those lights. The sale came right after Christmas too, so it was extra nice to be able to offset all the expenses of Christmas.

reselling side hustle

Every success in flipping, big or small, gives you the confidence to keep going and try something else.

What Flipping Has Done for Joanna’s Family

I asked Joanna what her flipping business and making a consistent $2,000-$2,500 per month means for her family. “That money has changed our lives. We have so much more freedom, we pay off debt, save, we are able to travel, and we are able to buy things with cash that we never thought we would be able to.”

Joanna was just able to make a big purchase for her and her family because of flipping. Joanna, tell us what you just bought.”

“Rob, this last weekend my husband and I paid $9,000 cash for a  new to us travel trailer camper. I have never held $9,000 in my hands before. I honestly thought that handing it over would make me feel sick. Much to my surprise, it didn’t at all. It made me feel empowered. We were able to purchase an amazing camper for our family with cash because of flipping. We have no payment, no owe nothing, and we are able to create memories of a lifetime with our family.”

reselling side hustle

“When we drove away with the camper I felt very sentimental driving home. It was the most incredible feeling. Not just the feeling of having the camper, but also the feeling that I know in a few more months, I will have replaced that $9,000 with flipping. 

My Confidence Has Grown Exponentially

“I have the ability to earn money consistently. My confidence has increased exponentially, I get to show my kids how hard work really pays off, and I am building financial security for me and my family.”

The potential really is endless. Flipping can truly give you and your family the freedom to do things like Joanna is doing for her family.  

When you feel scared, identify the fear, remind yourself that you can do it and push that fear aside and just do it. Visualize how amazing you will feel when you do it! When you sell that item, meet that goal and conquer that fear. Anything is possible and everyone can do it.

Joanna’s advice is to believe in yourself, push through, keep going, and celebrate every win, big or small.


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