Work Smarter Not Harder: What We Sold on Ebay to Make $13,475 in One Month

Work Smarter Not Harder: What We Sold on Ebay to Make $13,475 in One Month

One of the reasons we love flipping larger profit items is because it’s over all less work. We believe in the motto, work smarter not harder. In March our sales were $13,475!  Whew, not too bad! And guess what? We sold only 6 items. Here is what we sold. 

Our business model is a little bit different than a lot of ebayers. We focus on selling larger, higher profit items through freight shipping. This helps us have more time for fun and family. 

A few months ago we promised our readers that we would bring back our income reports so here you go!

Item #1

Dixie Chopper

I picked up two of Dixie Chopper commercial lawn mowers at the end of last summer for $1,200 each. They were in great condition. 

I knew I would have to hang on to them until the next spring/summer, but I had no problem with that because I knew they would sell. 

I was right! 

As soon as the snow left and the grass started sprouting, I sold my first Dixie Chopper for $7,200!  

I sold this one in a private sale through Paypal so I got to bypass all the eBay fees and just pay 2.9% for the Paypal transaction fee! 

Purchased for: $1200

Sale Price: $7,200

Paypal Fees: $208

Shipping: $360

Total Profit: 5,432

That profit was worth hanging onto it for the winter.

Item #2

Form Liners

These form liners are commercial quality stamps for doing concrete work.I picked these for $400 from one of my contacts quite a while  ago, so I was super happy to get these sold!

This was a HUGE shipment. I shipped them on two large pallets weighing over 2,000 lbs each! We made a nice profit on these as well. 

Purchased for: $400

Sale Price: $4,500

eBay Fees: $341

Shipping: $826

Total Profit: $2,933

Item #3

Jagermeister Tap Machine

I picked this machine from the flea market for $20!

I’ve sold one of these in the past and knew they were worth a few hundred dollars. I asked the flea market vendor the cost and then told him I wanted to walk around the flea market for a bit and I would come back.

I was planning to walk around and look it up again, but before I could walk away he knocked another $20 off the price and so I just snagged it.

I knew they still had to be worth something and they were!

Purchased for: $20

Sale Price: $360

eBay Fees: $44

Shipping: $71

Total Profit: $225

Item #4

Bobcat Bucket

One really cool thing about the business I’m in is that I get a lot of stuff for free. As people find out what we do for a living, I accumulate a ton of very valuable items at no cost.

I was purchasing another item and in the deal the seller threw in this bobcat bucket that he didn’t have a use for. This definitely counts for work smarter not harder.

Gotta love free stuff! 

Getting ready to freight ship the bobcat bucket to the buyer

Purchased for: FREE

Sale Price: $540

eBay Fees: $66

Shipping: $128

Total Profit: $346

Item #5

Coyote Taxidermy

We got some love on this one and of course some hate on social media for selling this coyote! (But hey, I didn’t hunt it.)

And it was really an awesome find!

We picked this guy for $130 at a thrift store 50% off sale while traveling for vacation. That’s one of the other benefits of the business we are in. While we are on vacation, we can find ways to pay for our vacation by picking really cool items to flip along the way!

I paid another $140 to have its tail fixed so it would be in prime shape for selling. I sold it pretty quick for a nice little profit. 

Purchased for: $130

Sale Price: $685

Cost to Fix Tail: $140

eBay Fees: $85

Shipping: $70

Total Profit: $260

Item #6

Sony TV

I picked this from a dumpster! Yup, I’ve been known to jump in and out of a few dumpsters.  Why not?

I sent a photo of this tv to one of our course members who flips a lot of electronics and he told me to go back and grab it because it was worth money. 

He was right! I sold it for $190! Not too bad for someone else’s garbage!

Free is the best

Purchase for: FREE

Sale Price: $190

eBay Fees:  $17

Shipping: $46

Total Profit: $127

Below is our totals for COGS, ebay fees, shipping costs, and of course profits!

Total Purchase Cost: $1,750

Total Sale Price: $13,475

Total eBay/Paypal Fees: $761

Total Misc Fees: $140

Total Shipping Costs: $1,501

Drum roll please…  Our total profit for March was $9,323 selling JUST 6 items!

When I learned to work smarter not harder and to stick to higher profit items is when I realized I want this to be my business plan. It is less time and we can make an amazing living doing it. 

What about you? Have you thought about flipping items, but haven’t gotten started yet? Check out our free flipping webinar to see if flipping might be for you! We will teach you how to work smarter not harder.


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Rob Stephenson
[email protected]

I grew up in Central Florida and have lived here my whole life. I first got into buying and selling items when I was 16 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It has mostly been a hobby that makes some extra cash, but sometimes it serves as my main income as well. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I find too many fun toys for my family (or myself), and just love the whole process.

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