How I Made $1,774 in Profit on My eBay Sales This Month

How we made $1,774 this month on eBay

Another month in the books! We had a pretty low month last month in eBay sales, and I debated posting about it or not. I have been doing monthly reports for some time now and I thought it’s only fair to post the great months along with the not so great months. So here it is.

How We Made $1,774 in one month of flipping flea market items for profit!

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I decided to do income reports this past year for several reasons. For one, I noticed several bloggers I follow did them, and it made me excited and encouraged to keep pressing forward and working hard toward my business goals. (I am still learning this blogging thing, but it’s been a pretty fun outlet for my flipping passion. You can read more on how to start a blog HERE if that is something that interests you). I hope to encourage others to keep flipping so they can make the money with eBay sales that they want. Secondly, I wanted to take you all through the items that I bought and sold so you can get an example of the items that I sell. Lastly, It helps me keep accountable to keep treating my hobby like a business. If anyone knows me, they know I like to have fun and not take things too seriously. Keeping monthly records has helped me stay on task with making sure I post and sell things. Sometimes I get so excited about the hunt and the purchase and then I let things sit for a little too long.

Back to last month. Like I mentioned before, it was a lower month. We made $1,774 profit. We sold 6 items total.

eBay Sales This Month

4 of the items were Sleep Number mattress related items. One was a mattress cover, and the other three were foam pieces. The Mattress cover we sold for $275.

eBay sales

We sold 3 Sleep Number mattress sets for a total of $750.

eBay sales

We also sold another fluidity bar for $199.eBay sales

The biggest sale of the month was my lot of baseball cards that I bought several months ago. It was a HUGE lot. I could have probably gotten a lot more for it had I gone through the boxes, sorted out the different sets and looked for specific valuable cards, but it was a lot of work! One of my friends came over and tried to help me with it, but it was overwhelming to go through. Are you a sports person? Would you have gone through them all?

eBay sales

Month of May Numbers

Mattress Cover: Sold for $275, bought for $10, eBay fees $28, PayPal fees $9 total profit – $228

3 Foam Sets:Sold for $750 total, bought for $60, eBay fees $75 paypal fees $23 total profit – $592

Fluidity Bar: Sold for $199, Bought for $10, eBay fees $19, Paypal fees, $6 Total profit – $164

Baseball Cards: Sold for $1,000, bought for $180, eBay fees- $100, Paypal fees $30 total profit – $790

Total Profit – $1,774

The items we sold were great profitable items, the only problem we had this month was there were not a lot of items sold. We attributed this to a couple reasons. First one being that we are working really hard to move into an 5th Wheel as a family, and I have not been as regular a the flea market lately to buy items. I do have a pretty good store of items though. What I needed to do was put more effort into posting those items that I already had this month, but time seemed limited.

On a different note, Melissa and I also felt like God was trying to make sure we were paying attention and that He was the one who is taking care of us, it wasn’t from what we did or didn’t do. It’s easy to get into a mindset of working super hard, be successful, and forget that God helped you get there. We tend to forget to praise him when He deserves it, but are quicker to pray when we need his help. Prayer is something we did a lot of this last month, and I’m sure He appreciated it. We want to take our efforts out of the equation and give all the praise to God for any of our successes. This current month has already proved to more than quadruple the past month’s eBay sales so I think our prayers have worked. 🙂

That brings me to another point. The power of a budget. I know I have talked about this before, but it’s because one of our weak points is budgeting and something we are always striving to improve. It is really tough to stick to a budget when your income fluctuates, but you want to be completely prepared when slow months happen, or when extra expenses pile up! Even though we had a slow month, we were able to handle our bills with our reserve money. We didn’t have to go into debt from having one bad month. (Praise the Lord) Check out this ebook that is AWESOME on budgeting- especially when you have a variable income or an extra side hustle income. And if you are ready to take budgeting seriously, this course is phenomenal to help you reach your goals.

I already can’t wait to share with you the next month’s income report! We have some super fun flips in the works! 🙂 But that will have to wait until next month.

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4 thoughts on “How I Made $1,774 in Profit on My eBay Sales This Month”

  1. Really inspirational that you can sometimes have rough months and still make it through. Very very cool I really felt inspired reading this post. I really liked the download of your favorite shopping apps.

  2. I love how you took the time to reflect on if you were paying attention to God in the process. Great point.

    Also I assumed that since it wasn’t included in your sales totals, did you ship any other these items out (especially you big items like the foam sets)? I’ve been selling on eBay for a while now and it seems like the shipping for certain things can get out of hand depending on how large or heavy it is.

  3. “On a different note, Melissa and I also felt like God was trying to make sure we were paying attention and that He was the one who is taking care of us, it wasn’t from what we did or didn’t do. It’s easy to get into a mindset of working super hard, be successful, and forget that God helped you get there.”

    Wow great realization. I have to remind myself of the same. It’s so easy to forget.

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