Creative Ways Resellers Store And Manage Inventory

Creative Ways Resellers Store And Manage Inventory

A large part of being a reseller is managing inventory and figuring out how to store all of your items in an organized manner, so it’s easily accessible when you make a sale.

When you start reselling, you might just put things in your garage or a closet, but as you acquire more inventory, it’s essential to figure out how to store it so you know exactly where items are located. If you establish an inventory system, you will know where your items are located so you can grab them and package them up. A storage system will also make it easy to determine what new items you can add to your inventory.

Shoe Rack Or Boxes

If you are a shoe reseller, create a shoe rack or shoe box storage system. When using shoe racks, you can clip a number to the shoes to correlate to the inventory number in your inventory spreadsheet. If you put your shoes in a shoebox or poly mailer, clip the item number to the box or bag. 

When you list an item on eBay, include the item number in the description of the listing, so you know which item to grab and package. When you’ve got hundreds of shoes in inventory, this system helps keep you organized. Once a sale goes through, you can reassign the number to a new pair of shoes once purchased.

Creative Ways Resellers Store And Manage Inventory

Clothing Rack

If you’re someone who does live selling videos or you sell a lot of clothes, a clothing rack may be a helpful way to store your items. You can sort your items by style or size. Purchase some plastic numbers to hang on each hanger and assign the numbers to the specific clothing pieces. When that item sells in your live sale, you can quickly find it on your clothing rack.

Creative Ways Resellers Store And Manage Inventory

Poly Mailers

If you sell clothing or small items, you can photograph your items, stick them in a poly mailer, and write the inventory on the poly mailer that correlates to the item in your spreadsheet. You could even write a short item description outside the mailer where it’s not in the way of the address. This method saves you time on the shipping because the item will already be packaged in the poly mailer. You just have to print the label and stick it on the bag. 

Large Totes Or Bins

For mid to large items, consider storing them in bins. Create a dry-erase surface on the outside of the bin, and write down what items are inside. When an item sells, you can erase that item from the bin list. It is helpful to assign your large storage bin numbers so you can add them to your spreadsheet. For example, if you had an espresso machine in bin #10, you would put that number next to your item in the spreadsheet, so you know where to look when it sells. 

Vacuum Seal

If you’re selling many clothes, it may help to store the clothing items in vacuum seal bags to save on storage space. Once all the air is out of the bag, the items will take up less space, and you can stack the bags on top of each other on the shelf or even in another bin.

Shelves With Numbers

If you have more oversized items that take up shelf space in a warehouse, number the shelf spaces and put that item number in your spreadsheet. Sometimes more oversized items are easier to store out in the open than in a tote. 

Get A Storage Unit

Only you can decide when to invest in a storage unit for your reselling business. A storage unit will help you store your items away from home, so you don’t have to feel stressed out living with your entire inventory. This is also a good option if you have many larger items for sale but don’t have an empty shed or garage to store them in.  Make sure it makes sense for your business though.

Have A Designated Spot For New Inventory

Create a spot where new inventory is stored until it’s photographed and listed, and assign a storage space. You don’t want to forget to get the latest inventory listed, so put it in the same spot every time to develop a routine.

The organization is essential to keeping on top of your sales. Nobody wants to have to cancel a sale because an item is missing. Develop a system that works for you and your reselling niche, and then follow the system every time you add a new item to your inventory.

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