How To Make More Money On Your Flips In Less Time

How To Make More Money On Your Flips In Less Time

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Do you want to learn how to make more money on your flips in less time?

It’s totally possible to take your business to the next level and save time while making more money. We do high profit flips and our goal is to 10X our investment. If we buy something for $100, our goal is to sell it for $1,000 or more. We’ll share how we make more money in less time.

You Might Be Spending Too Much On Inventory

If you are spending too much on inventory, you just can’t make the same type of profit.  We do not like to spend a lot on inventory, and our goal is to 10X.

We’re not really in the market to spend five dollars and make ten dollars. That’s just too time consuming. It’s a lot of work when you could spend the same amount of time sourcing and listing the item that is going to bring you in a lot more money. That’s kind of why we gravitate towards this business model. 

How To Make More Money On Your Flips In Less Time

Bring Items To A Larger Market

When I was a kid, I was one of seven, and my parents loved shopping yard sales for two reasons. The first was simply to provide for all of us kids. The second reason was that my parents made money flipping items. They would buy an item from a yard sale that has maybe 200-300 people stop by and then they’d put an ad in the classifieds section to get it in front of 30,000, 40,000 or even 50,000 people. By bringing the item to a larger market, they were able to charge more money.

That was their side hustle and I learned about this at a young age. Now we have the internet, and we’re doing the same thing but with eBay. We’re taking yard sale finds and posting them to eBay, which has more than 135 million registered users.

Save Time With Profitable Flips

The next thing that we’re going to talk about is time. We do not have a lot of time. We have three kids, we have a coaching business, and we have a flipping business. We have so much to juggle, so we want to be able to make more money in less time. 

We’re able to sell fewer high profit items to make the same amount of money. I can sell a $100 item for $1,000 whereas if I’d sold $10 items, I’d have to sell 100 items to make that same profit. And it’s not just selling those items, it’s photographing, listing, packaging, and shipping all of those items. That’s time intensive. 

The way we do it with high profit flips, requires less time and effort from us so we can spend more time with our families.

If you could do one or two flips of $1,000, what would that do for your business right now?

How To Make More Money On Your Flips In Less Time

Offering Shipping Gets More Sales

Another reason this model works is because we offer shipping on our items. We recently posted about a cooktop we bought locally for $65 and sold for $1,500 in two weeks. Someone commented the other day that they had a cooktop for three years that hasn’t sold, but she’s only offering local pickup.

Offering shipping is a gamechanger. Because we offer shipping, we can charge more when we sell it on eBay. In the local market you’re limited. You have to get out of the local market. You have to learn how to do shipping to be able to do that. Then you can sell stuff quicker and you can sell stuff for so much more money.

If you want to learn more about these higher profit flips and how to add them to your business, follow us for the next podcast and video. We’ll be sharing more about our opening Flipper University and how you can apply.

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