eBay Is Dead, Or Is It?

eBay Is Dead, Or Is It?

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Is eBay dead?

We’ve seen people comment that sales dried up on eBay, and people are questioning whether it’s worthwhile to sell on the platform anymore. 

We’ll share some of our students’ success stories and will let you decide. For the last 90 days, we have been up 1,000% in our eBay sales. This is by far the best I’ve ever sold on eBay in the decades I’ve been selling on eBay. 

I’ve been selling on eBay for 26 or 27 years, sometimes part-time and sometimes full-time, and this is my highest 90-day total ever. Our 90-day total was $46,606, and the coolest part was we only sold 20 items for $2,300 average sale price. 

We sell high-profit low volume, so we don’t sell a lot of items, but we tend to gravitate toward the ones that can bring in the most money because it saves us time in the long run. 

At the beginning of this year, I started listing more consistently, which always helps. 

eBay Is Dead, Or Is It?

Student Success Stories

We’ll also share some experiences of some of the people we coach and how they’ve been doing the last 30, 60, and 90 days. We recently kicked off our one-on-one coaching group again, and it’s allowed us to dive into people’s businesses to have conversations about what is working and what’s not working.

We’ll kick it off with Jennifer and Tomas, who have had their best 30 days. We just talked to them recently. They were surprised about it but said the numbers were amazing. They sell appliances and typically make $1,000-$2,000 per sale. This was their best 30 days yet. 

We also talked to Kevin who has been doing eBay for a while. He never really tried to make it happen until recently. He’s made a lot of money on eBay in a short time frame in just two sales, a Soul Flex exercise machine and another electronic item. Both those items were sold for just under $2,000. 

We recently did a training about honing in and writing good eBay descriptions. Deb said in the last 24 hours, she’s had seven items sold on eBay. She went back and redid her descriptions, and she’s had more sales than ever. She said she is 100% confident that is because she’s working on her descriptions. 

Shane had three sales over $1,500. Another comment we get on social media is, “Who is spending thousands of dollars on eBay?” Often, you don’t realize there are small business owners who want to save money on these items and don’t want to buy something brand new. 

Another student, Brandon, recently sold a change machine. He got it for free, and within hours of listing it, he sold it for $1,000.

Tips To Find High-Profit Items

Thinking of our recent sales, we shipped out a TurboChef oven that a business bought because they needed it. They paid $6,600 with taxes and fees; we paid $150 for the oven, so it was a good flip. We also sold a Stryker stretcher for $4,500 which was purchased by another business to use in their transport business. 

You might need to pivot and gravitate toward different things if what you’re selling is not getting sales. You might need to shift your mindset from “This platform is dead to platforms are changing, what can I do to make money on this platform?”

It could be time to move to a different platform for what you’re selling, but it doesn’t mean you need to be done with reselling completely. A big reason why this high-profit model works is because we’re willing to ship items via freight, but not all high-profit items have to go freight. You can find smaller items that are still high profit. Look for commercial items, industrial items, and brand-name items.

eBay Is Dead, Or Is It?

Tips To Increase eBay Sales

Under-promise and over-deliver is one of our top tips. Ensure you accurately describe your items so buyers are pleased when they receive them. Disclose scratches or issues with the product and show pictures of them. 

Take good pictures so people can see the item. Take as many pictures as eBay allows, up to 24, and add a video. Don’t include clutter in the photos. Add better descriptions to your listings. eBay likes longer descriptions. 

We don’t think eBay is dead. You might need to change some things up in your business to make more sales.

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