What We Sold On Ebay To Make $6,685 In ONE Month

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Sometimes I can’t believe I get to do it as a job! Where else can you make that kind of money working the bare minimum?

We are playing catch up with a few income reports so here you have it – one month of sales = $6,685!

So lets give you the breakdown of fees, COGS, shipping costs, and of course profits!

Item #1 – Commercial Total Gym

We picked this up off of one of the local apps for $60 and turned around and sold it for $850. We got a lot of comments on social media for this one. They were convinced that they could pick up a Total Gym for $230 – not $850. 

But, this was a Commercial Total Gym taken from a rehab center so it was pretty good quality  and it had all of the accessories with it. These (and all commercial exercise equipment)  sell very well on eBay!

Cost: $60

Sold: $850

Shipping: $98

eBay Fees: $106

Item #2 – Commercial Machine Belt

I picked this up from one of my contacts who pulled this out of a dumpster. And, you wouldn’t believe how many items of value get thrown out and people like me LOVE to rescue them and resell them for a nice profit. 

I picked up three of these from one of my contacts. I paid him $20 for this one. I looked up the retail on this bad boy and it was over $1000 so I knew it would sell! 

And, I ended up selling it on eBay for $400. Not a bad return on something pulled from the trash!

Cost: $20

Sold: $400

Shipping: $21

eBay Fees: $50

Item #3 – Stainless Steel Metro Cart

I found this commercial cabinet on Offerup and paid $40 for it. I held on to this for quite a while. But, I didn’t mind because I used it in my shop to store items in and on it. It was helpful and I used it to move around heavy items in my shop. 

And It finally sold on eBay for $800.

Cost: $40

Sold: $800

Shipping: $109

eBay Fees: $100

Item #4 – Wolf Cooktop

This was one of our road trip finds and one of the first things we picked up. I got it off one of the local apps in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. And, the lady actually had two of them. I bought both of them and I paid her $75 each for them. 

This one sold and we still have another! 

Cooktops are pretty popular these days, especially with all of the delayed manufacturing of appliances and so many people doing remodels. I was asking $750 for this one. But, I did a little negotiating with the buyer and accepted an offer for $685. 

Cost: $75

Sold: $685

Shipping: $32

eBay Fees: $87

Item #5 – Escalator Cleaner

I snagged three of these at an auction for $25 each. But I didn’t know much about them, other than when I researched them, they retailed for around $2400-3000. With that alone, I knew they were a good find when I bought them.

I sold this on eBay for $1300 and I still have two more left to sell.

Cost: $25

Sold: $1300

Shipping: $101

eBay Fees: $186

Item #6 – Billy Goat Blower  

I snagged this bad boy from one of my contacts. If you haven’t developed good contacts in this business, now is the time to start. Great contacts mean money in your pocket.

My contact always sells me the best stuff and he always starts out at $40 – no matter what!  But in this case, he must have been able to negotiate another $10 out of me because I paid $50 for it. 

I had it sitting around for a bit, but I knew it would eventually sell. It sold on eBay for $950 including shipping. I had to freight ship this one all the way across the country so it was a little more than I would have liked to pay. But I still came out making some great money on this one! 

Cost: $50

Sold: $950

Shipping: $260

eBay Fees: $119

Item #7 – Plumbing Valve

This item came from a friend of a friend who worked at a commercial plumbing place. He was tossing it in the dumpster so I grabbed it before he could throw it out. I got a few of these at no cost. 

And the best part?  It didn’t cost me one dime to take them. I’m saving the planet and making money so it’s a win win.

I sold this one for $500. From free to $500 – I will take that any day! 

Cost: $0

Sold: $500

Shipping: $128

eBay Fees: $68

Item #8 – Viking Double Oven

Last but not least, our viking double oven. We picked this one up in Arizona while visiting some friends. 

Funny story – Our friends are flippers too and they had already gone to look at this, but passed it up because it didn’t have racks. 

We included this oven in a group of items we purchased from a woman who was trying to liquidate a storage unit.  

With all of the items we got together, it came out to $42 that we paid for this. We ended up selling this bad boy on eBay “as is” for $1200. Super stoked about that return on investment! 

Cost: $42

Sold: $1200

Shipping: $304

eBay Fees: $155

Drum Roll Please…

Here is the breakdown to get to the actual profits. We invested a total of $312 of our own money with total sales of $6,685. Our eBay fees were $1,866 and our shipping costs were $1,053

Our total profit for September flipping was $4,454!

The crazy part is we have barely listed any items in the past few months. Only what we listed from the road. These are mostly items I had listed for a while. I didn’t invest a lot of time into these profits.

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I grew up in Central Florida and have lived here my whole life. I first got into buying and selling items when I was 16 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It has mostly been a hobby that makes some extra cash, but sometimes it serves as my main income as well. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I find too many fun toys for my family (or myself), and just love the whole process.

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