How We Made Almost $2,500 in 48 Hours by Flipping Flea Market Items

Flea Market Flipping

Don’t you love to hear that cha-ching sound of  going off? If you don’t have an eBay account yet, or have never sold anything on it, let me tell you they nailed it with the notification sound. When I hear that sound I get so excited! (Even after all these {20} years of selling eBay flips.) Things get really exciting when it goes off multiple times in a day.Do you love flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales? Make money with doing something you love!

Last week I heard that sound 4 times in 48 hours, which means I had 4 eBay flips that sold for at total profit of $1,074. Combine that total with one craigslist sale with a $1,400 profit, and we made $2,474 in 48 hours!

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You can read the full disclosure here. I love days like that. Of course the  cha-ching is good any day, but seeing sales multiply quickly is always a great feeling. Sometimes it means more money gets to go into our savings account, sometimes it means we can do something extra fun with the kids this month, sometimes it means more money gets to go into our Capital One 360 trip fund, (we are selling everything and taking a year long trip across the U.S. this coming summer!), and sometimes it just means we will make the budget work this month. Which is always a good thing too. I know the last one doesn’t sound as fun and exciting (to me especially), but making the budget work is important and necessary. Having a variable income can be completely amazing some months and also little scary other months. We have to be sure we plan out and save accordingly (which for me has been a work in progress, but doing better).

eBay Flips

Back to the fun sales we made! I mentioned we sold 4 items on . Two of them were my tried and true sleep number mattress tops. I am down to about 10 mattresses left and it has been a good run with them. They will have made me about $25,000 by the time I am done with them!

I started breaking up the pieces and selling them as parts. I can make about $300 more dollars per mattress that way.

2 tops sold for $305 each for a total of $610eBay flips

The next item that sold on eBay was a shrink wrap machine. I actually didn’t know too much about how this worked, but I picked it up a the flea market for $20, cleaned it up a bit and sold it for $200.eBay flips

The last of of the eBay flips was quite the interesting one. I honestly had no idea what it was when I bought it. It was a foam chaise style lounge chair that a guy had at the flea market. He wasn’t sure what it was for either, and had it for sale for $10. He thought it might be used in a pool because it used a foam that seemed like it could float. I looked it up on eBay and they were selling for around $400-$500 so I thought it was a no brainer. Once we were walking back to the car, I showed my wife Melissa my phone and what it was selling for. She scrolled through some of the listings and then after reading some she said “You know what this is right?” I replied no, and asked what it was. She said that after looking through the listings it appeared we had just bought a ‘sensual bondage chair’, or sex chair as we continued to call it. Great. Well, we sold it for $334 so I can’t really complain.

An even funnier part to the story is that even though we sold it on , the buyer only lived an hour away, so instead of shipping it for $150, I drove it to them for less than $25 in gas. It could have been quite the interesting delivery, but the buyer never answered the door. (I made sure to wrap it in a big plastic bag and put a label on it). They later responded to my e-mail that they received the item.

eBay flips

Craigslist Flip

I mentioned that we sold an item on Craigslist. This was actually a large purchase that I made with a buddy. We bought a bobcat together for $12,200 in September. We did a little paint job and fixed one small issue on it and sold it through craigslist for$15,000.   We split the profit on it, and my take home profit was $1,400. It was a nice payday, but I usually like to make a much higher return on my money. It was a big investment to get such a little return, but at least we made a little bit on it. We also were able to use it on a couple jobs, so that worked out well for us. We may have gotten more for it if we had sat on it a little longer, but we were ready to get rid of it so we settled for a smaller profit. I will still take a $1,400 paycheck any day!  😉

eBay flips

Do YOU love going to the flea market, thrift stores or yard sales? Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into an actual side hustle to make you some money? If so, check out our e-course HERE to help you monetize your hobby and make some money with your eBay flips! And if you already do sell online, do you make as much as you would like to? Flipper University could take your selling to the next level!

While I LOVE going to the flea market to buy things to resell, there are some items I never mess with. Click HERE to get the list of 5 items I NEVER buy at the flea market. Once you get your list you will be able to follow our adventure and receive e-mail updates on our ebay flips and tips! Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe anytime if you don’t want to hear about our recent finds. I promise not to take it personally. 😉


  • What makes you interested in flipping items?

  • Is it the treasure hunt?

  • Is it the money?

  • Or are you really not interested at all and you accidentally clicked our site? I would love to hear your story!                                                                                  Comment Below!


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 account. If you have never bought or sold on . What is holding you back? Get an account and start buying items on the cheap, and making some extra cash with eBay flips.

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