How To Prevent Local Pickup eBay Scams

How To Prevent Local Pick Up eBay Scams

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If you’re doing local pickup on eBay, it’s important to be aware of the proper steps to take to prevent local pickup scams. 

eBay recently came up with a solution to address this so we’ll dive into what to look for and how to prevent scams. 

What Is The Local Pickup Scam?

The local pickup scam is when somebody wants to pick up an item locally and they buy it on eBay, pick it up from you, but then say it was never delivered and ask for a refund. 

Because it’s a local pickup, eBay didn’t have a way to know who was telling the truth and they’d have to go on the word of the buyer or seller. If you actually met up with the buyer and gave them an item, now they have the item and their refund. And you don’t have anything because you didn’t have a tracking number.

eBay now has a solution to this problem.

How To Prevent Local Pickup eBay Scams

What Is The Solution To The Scam?

eBay created a QR system so now when you’re doing local pickup, you have a way to track and prove that you met up with the buyer and delivered the item to them. 

eBay came out with a unique QR code that you can scan. The buyer gets the QR code when they pay for the item and the seller scans it at pickup. Or you can type in the numbers of the QR code into that as the tracking. Now the buyer cannot come back and say it wasn’t delivered because the tracking is showing that it was delivered.

If someone else is picking up the item for the person who bought it, the buyer can just give them the QR code or number that they can give to the seller at pickup. That shows that the item was inspected and picked up. 

Avoid Scammers

Most people aren’t scammers. We’re just trying to help you protect yourself and your reselling business. 

If they don’t have that number or the QR code and they have no way of looking it up, you don’t have to go through with the sale. 

How To Prevent Local Pickup eBay Scams

If you choose to go through with the sale, take a photo or video of the transaction, their license plate, or get some kind of proof that you can use in case they go to eBay and try to get a refund. But it’s advised to not go through with the sale if you don’t have that QR code. 

If someone buys an item on eBay and then wants to meet up for local pickup but didn’t select that option, you can have them cancel the transaction and repurchase by selecting local pickup. 

These scams don’t happen often on eBay, but it’s important to know what to look for and how to respond.

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