Are You Doing Everything You Can To Get Results In Your Business?

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Get Results In Your Business?

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Are you doing everything you can to get results in your business? Or are you doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results? If you’re doing that right now, it’s time to change things up. 

We just got back from a conference and we are motivated and encouraged to grow our business. It’s important to keep momentum when you are motivated because sometimes motivation can fizzle out after a while, so we’re here to talk about what can you actually do?

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Get Results In Your Business?

Our Business Goals

We have two big goals for our business. The first one is to try to hit $100,000 in our flipping business this year. It shouldn’t be that difficult because we had a good start at the beginning of the year. We should be on track, but I also haven’t been listing as much and we have three months left to get there. 

I have to get more items listed to be able to sell more stuff. Now what can we do to actually tackle that? 

Our time is also split between our coaching, social media, and the podcast. We do a lot of other stuff in our day for the flipping business other than listing. I love it. I’ll do it the rest of my life because I enjoy it and I love it, but we’re putting very little amount of time and effort into the flipping business, so I have to start listing more.

Our second goal is to help 1,000 people hit $10,000 in their flipping business. This changes people’s life when you can show them what they can do in the flipping arena. Over the last couple of years we’ve kept track of people’s results from our Pro Flipper Club and we celebrate them at $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $100,000. We’ve had over 80 people hit $10,000. Now we want to help a thousand people get to that in their business.

What Are We Doing To Get Results?

Last year to get results, I pulled the TV off the wall. I knew I spent too much time at the end of the day sitting down and relaxing in front of the TV. It was approximately 1.5-2 hours every night watching a movie to wind down, and I knew I could be doing more towards our business such as listing items. 

One way to change a habit can be changing your physical environment. Pulling the TV off the wall helped me focus and spend more time on the business. I’m doing that again this year. At the end of the day, sitting in La-Z-Boy is still a signal to my body so this time I want to move the chairs and couches around to set it up differently. Instead of the focal point being the TV, I’m going to move things around and put a coffee table in the middle to hopefully help me get better results.

It’s not forever, and it’s not like we’ll never put the TV back on the wall. It’s a small sprint period for us where we really want to grow. To do that we have to really watch our time in the day. We do value our time with the kids so we have to make sure that we’re getting the most work in when they are at school or asleep.

Another way to change a habit can be going for a walk at the end of the day. If you need more energy, go for a quick walk and disrupt the pattern or habit you’re trying to break. 

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Get Results In Your Business?

What Can You Do To Get Results?

What can you do? Are you willing to make a commitment? Are you willing to take a survey of what’s going on in your life right now? Figure out some things you can change or do to get toward whatever your goal is. Think about how you are going to get there and what habits you can change or build to do so.

A lot of times we make these goals or we have these goals and then we don’t change anything that we’re doing. It might be because time is so hard, but you can wake up an hour earlier or sacrifice an hour of scrolling on your phone to make it happen.

You may have a long to do list, but evaluate that. Look at it and see what is going to actually move the needle on your business.

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