20 Awesome Garage Sale Signs

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Funny Yard Sale Signs

Who doesn’t love a great yard sale?! We sure do! And we love it when we spot some funny yard sale signs.

We love hunting for treasures at different sales (we do the drive-by to see if there is anything good), and have also enjoyed the profit from hosting our own.

One thing that is crucial for getting people to any yard sale is having good signage. We do a decent job with large and bright signs for our sales – but it’s nothing as creative as these awesome signs!

Maybe these will inspire you to try some of your own funny garage sale signs.

20 Funny Yard Sale Signs:

1. Of course everything for sale is classy.

funny yard sale signs

2. Yoda says stop at this sale. So you must.

funny yard sale signs

3. Almost as cheap means good deals ahead. 😉

funny yard sale signs

4. Or my wife is making me sell stuff..

funny yard sale signs

5. Chocolate = good yard sale

funny yard sale signs

6. Shut up and take my money!

funny yard sale signs

7. Well Batman says to do it so…

funny yard sale signs

8. Yes! Mr. T! (80’s kids unite!)

funny yard sale signs

9. Free beer will always get more people to your sale. But beer at 9am?

funny yard sale signs

10. These Crap Signs are actually available to purchase on Amazon! (who knew?)
funny yard sale signs

11. Yes. Where are my 90’s friends at?

funny yard sale signs

12. Again with the Big Sales.

funny yard sale signs

13. But when I do…

funny yard sale signs

14. Again. You had me at 80’s.. Thank you Lionel!

Of course we are always looking for a deal! 🙂

funny yard sale signs

15. Unfortunately not all relationships turn out well. Hopefully she made some money on this sale!

funny yard sale signs

16. Looks like these sign writers could use a proofreader.

funny yard sale signs

17. Junk? It’s not junk… Ha.

funny yard sale signs

18. #truth

funny yard sale signs

19. I hope we aren’t here to witness this yard sale.

funny yard sale signs

20. To attract the Disney crowd.

funny yard sale signs

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  1. These are the BEST Robert! Love the Ideas!,,, creative ways to draw people and make them laugh at the same time! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these nuggets 😊

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