What To Do If Your Items Aren’t Selling On eBay

What To Do If Your Items Aren't Selling On eBay

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What can you do if your items are not selling on eBay? 

Slashing your prices in half is not the answer. How do you keep your items moving if an item hasn’t sold in a week or two?

If everybody starts slashing the prices, it brings the market down on everything. We don’t typically want to do that right now. eBay is definitely experimenting with different ways that they are charging their sellers more money to get their items seen and sold, so we definitely have to figure out.

What is the best tactic we can use? We’ll share a couple of tactics you can use to sell your items faster on eBay.

What To Do If Your Items Aren't Selling On eBay

Price Your Items Appropriately

It’s important to price your items so they are comparable to the market. You may need to lower your price if the market has changed for an item. Check sold comps again if you have had something listed for a little while. You don’t want to slash prices, but you may need to adjust pricing if the market is now flooded or if the value has changed. Racing to the bottom price hurts the whole market. 

Update Your Listings

One of the tactics that we did is pull our listings off. We don’t have thousands of listings, typically 80-120 listings on any month, but we pulled them off and I started relisting slowly on eBay. We relisted two to four items a night to get back up to 100 listings. That shows eBay you are consistently using the platform and listing on a daily basis, so they’re more likely to show your items to other people.

You could also do a 30-day listing challenge, listing one item a day. You can prepare them in advance and have them in the drafts folder until you’re ready to post. 

Keep an eye on your listings. How many watchers do they have? Can you shoot a lower price to an interested buyer? If you have the profit margins, sometimes that’s a good way to produce a sale. We’ve drummed up a lot of business off of sending offers on eBay.

Reply to offers that come to you. If an offer is too low, let the buyer know you can’t do that price, but send a price you would be willing to do. It gives the opportunity to negotiate with that single person. 

Another thing you can do is audit your listings. Check your pictures, check your description, add video, and improve your listings overall. 

If you are selling high profit items like we do, people want a video so they can see the item working.

What To Do If Your Items Aren't Selling On eBay

eBay Promotions

eBay is exploring ways to make more money on sales. They started with promotions a couple years ago where you can pay extra and they’ll give you more exposure. 

Now they’re up to recommending we promote at 13%. We do not recommend starting this high. We recommend starting at the lowest, which is 2%. Don’t do their recommendation because they keep going up on it since they see it as a way to make more money. The good part about promoted listings is you only pay the fee when it sells.

Another thing you can try is offering shipping on larger items. 

There’s a lot unknown about the backside of eBay’s algorithms, but consistency and time on the platform help.

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