Our Largest Flip Ever

Our Largest Flip Ever

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Our largest flip ever was actually the tallest flip and it was a pretty big one.

This item was laid down on its back to ship via freight. Most of the items can’t be taller than 8 feet if they’re going via freight in an 18-wheeler. I actually had to lay this one down and pallet it like that, so it was a super long item.

It was the bus wash, well, actually two bus washes!

Finding Our Largest Flips

The first bus wash was an item I bought at a local auction for $650. It needed a bit of work and sat on my back burner for a while before I sold it.

We also found a second bus wash that I purchased for $500. I found it while heading back from one of our road trips. It was located in Outer Banks, North Carolina and we did have a trailer with us, but it was small and enclosed. This item was too big for the trailer so we decided to make a trip just for the bus wash.

Our Largest Flip Ever

Once I got back to Florida, we got an open trailer and made the trip back up to pick up the bus wash. It was about 10.5 feet tall and I listed it for $14,500.

When I posted the second bus wash, I had someone reach out looking for a larger one that was over 12 feet. I mentioned I had the other bus wash, but it needed work because the batteries were no good. I offered a good deal on it and the guy said absolutely. He paid $9,000, $8,500 plus $500 shipping. I probably spent another $200 on the motor shop in town to get it ready. 

Numbers For Our Largest Flip

The second bus wash we paid $500 for and sold for $14,500. You might wonder why the seller didn’t list the bus wash himself. Well, he didn’t want to deal with putting it on eBay and shipping it. We were able to sell it more because we took it from a local market to a national market.

It cost $800 to ship the bus wash. We paid $598 in eBay fees. People often wonder how we make a profit when eBay fees are high. eBay fees actually go down after the first $2,500 in certain categories. So anything over $2,500 drops down to the 2.35% fee, which is a nice break on the larger, more expensive items.

We ended up making $12,652 in profit on the bus wash. A single flip can really be a game changer if you get into the high profit flipping!

Other Flipping Finds

We also found other items on the bus wash trip and loaded the trailer up. We had one bust, which was a bowling arcade game that I should’ve walked away from. 

We did pick up an oven that we got $2,400 for. It was a larger 40-inch oven. Normal ovens are 30 or 36 inches wide. We bought it for $200. That was a cool one because the guy recognized me when I showed up. He has followed us online and he was like, “Oh crap, I shouldn’t be selling this because I could get more money.” He let it go for a quick $200. He had received it for free, so it was still a win for him. 

So we ended up making almost $20,000 on the bus wash trip. If you’re going on a trip or even heading out of town for the day, take a look and see what’s for sale in that area. You never know what you might find.

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