How To Combine Shipping On eBay And Save Money

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Did you know that if a buyer purchases more than one thing from you at the same time, that you can combine shipping?

From a seller’s perspective, combining shipping on multiple items is easier and less expensive.

It is not required to offer combined shipping, but it is a good business practice for sellers.

How To Combine Shipping If The Buyer Has Not Paid

If you sell multiple items to the same buyer, they can choose ‘Request total from seller‘ when they get to their shopping cart. 

This would apply if they have not already received shipping discounts.

The seller can send the buyer an invoice detailing their purchases, and combine shipping.

Make sure to have ‘combined invoices‘ turned on in your account. You can look to see by going to ‘Manage shipping settings‘ .

Next to ‘Allow combined payments and shipping‘ select ‘EDIT‘. Then, select the time frame you will be offering combined payments, and hit ‘SAVE‘.

Once You Hit SAVE

You can issue an invoice with combined shipping to the buyer. 

Then, go to the ‘sold’ section and select the purchased items that you will be combining for shipping.

Before sending the invoice, be sure to include the new shipping charge. You will find ‘Send Invoice’ ’in the actions menu.

In the Seller Hub, go to ‘ORDERS‘. Check the box next to the items to be shipped together, and then select ‘SEND INVOICE‘ for the selected orders. 

How to Combine Shipping When The Buyer Has Already Paid 

If the purchased items are not marked as shipped yet, the seller can still combine shipping. 

Sometimes sellers will see that multiple items are going to the same person, and automatically combine the shipping. 

When a buyer completes their payment, go ahead and create a shipping label for the combined items. You will need to enter the tracking number from the new shipping label in for each item/sale. You can choose to give the buyer a partial refund of the shipping difference.

Another Option To Combine Shipping

If a buyer contacts you about combining shipping on multiple items, you could cancel the existing order. You would then combine the listings into one with the shipping combined. Then, have the buyer purchase again.

There can be some risk with canceling the order. If the cancellation is not done correctly, it can lead to a defect for the account that canceled the sale.

Giving A Partial Refund

Sellers can also offer buyers a partial refund for the difference in the shipping price once you combine the shipping.

For Your Information

As a seller, it is always good to have knowledge of how to handle different situations that may come about.

Combined shipping is something that doesn’t happen often. But, when it does happen, it is nice to know how to handle it. 

We went through the different ways to handle combined shipping if the items have not been paid for. Also, how to handle it when they have been paid for. 

There is also the option to cancel the order and re-create it. The last option was to issue a partial refund for the difference between shipping the items separately and combining shipping.


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