How One Flea Market Flip Paid Our Mortgage This Month

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Do you think it’s possible to pay your Mortgage payment by one flea market flip? I just did last week and I was really excited about it! 

When I was walking around at the flea market a few weeks ago (like I do every weekend), I came across two wheel chairs; one was power and the other was manual. Both chairs were good name brands but I passed them up my first time around because they were a bit on the larger side. I used to have more reserve about shipping larger items, but now they have really helped us increase our profits! (We increased our profits from $42K in 2015 to $133K in 2016 from shipping larger items. You can check out an e-book I wrote about how to ship HERE)

 As I continued to walk around I kept thinking about the chairs. So I decided to walk back and see how much the vender was asking for them.

The vender said he would sell them separately for $50, or $80 for the pair. So I opted to save the $20 (of course) and buy them as a pair.

The manual wheel chair was in excellent condition and I figured it would be worth $400 to $500 – which is a great flea market flip profit. On the other hand the power chair was in good condition but needed batteries and a charger to make it ready for resell. I immediately remembered one of my contacts who sells me all kinds of reconditioned batteries at flea market flipreasonable prices. (I’ve purchased batteries for power wheels, electric skateboards, power drills, flashlights lithium and more)

I made this great connection with the battery man a few years back on Craigslist. I was looking for a reasonable priced battery for a kids power wheels car when I came across the battery man who I built a great relationship with.  I now use him for all my battery needs. The battery man also gives me a 6 month warranty on all the batteries I buy from him. Definitely a great contact to have around when your in the resale business.

So when I called my battery contact he had two good batteries that would work for the power chair and he agreed to sell them for $14 apiece. This was an excellent price because new batteries were priced closer to $100 a piece.

Then I found a new aftermarket 24 volt charger on eBay for $20.

So I had invested a total of $88 into the power chair which I listed and sold for $949 (including shipping).

Our mortgage on our house is $895 per month, so this was a great help to pay that off this month! My goal has been to pay for all of our bills as I have been doing this as a side hustle, but I would like to pay for all of our bills, extras, savings, etc, and have this be our main gig soon.

*UPDATEThis has now been our main gig for the past year!!! Check out How I Quit My Job To Flip Flea Market Stuff Full Time for more details. *

Profitable Flea Market Flip Key Points

1) Don’t be scared of purchasing larger items to flip.

2) Make and keep good relationships with venders and part suppliers.

3) Always check for parts on eBay and Amazon.

Here is my daughter and I testing out the Hoveround to make sure that it ran well. Sometimes (most of the time), we like to have fun with our flips!

She loves when I bring home new toys. It is like Christmas every weekend around here! Ha. They never get bored because they play with items and then they are sold to make room for new ones! I tend to buy a lot of different items, but here are 5 things that I will never buy at the flea market. You can download my list HERE. (This will also sign you up for our almost weekly flea market flips and ebay tips updates.

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Have you found a good flea market flip this month to resell?  I would love to hear about them! Comment below!

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  1. I would love to know how. I love going thrift stores and garage sales. I’m a visual learner so reading a book doesn’t help me. All the stuff you flipped are amazing…it would be great to have someone to show and walk me thru to understand how it works. Techie stuff always have ask my kids how to do it. They aren’t familiar with ebay thou….

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