10 Budget Friendly Furniture Repurposes

The workplace of the classic blue desk and white chair

Low Budget Furniture Flips

Looking for some inspiration for low budget furniture repurposes that look incredible and are super budget friendly? Then this post is for you!

Hi! This is Melissa. I tend to gravitate a little more toward the furniture than he does, so I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite DIY furniture flips from some awesome bloggers!

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All of the below pieces were either found at a thrift store, yard sale, flea market, or it was a piece that they previously owned. Scroll for some inspiration (and links to tutorials) for your next project

Do you repurpose, upcycle, flip, restore, refinish, refinish, build or rebuild furniture?
Do you wish more people could see your transformations and in turn you could make a higher profit?

1) One Desk Turned Into Two Night Stands

Check out these night stands that Bethany from Reality Daydream created from an old desk!

low budget furniture flips

Check out tutorial HERE.

2) Dresser Turned Into TV Stand. 

This next one from Julie, creator of the blog AtTheParks, has been a favorite of mine for some time now. I have seen it all over Pinterest and I have wanted to do it for a long time now! I was scoping out old dressers for months. At first I had a hard time finding one that had he desired 3 drawers on the top. Most of them had two. Now that we have decided to sell everything and move into an RV for a while, of course I see them everywhere! I LOVE this beautiful white piece, and the baskets compliment it perfectly.

low budget furniture flips

Check out tutorial HERE.

3) Old Desk Turned Stylish

Take an old desk that you can find at many thrift stores or the flea market, and make it something extraordinary like this desk by Karin, the creator of Art is Beauty. The copper handles on this desk make it pop!

low budget furniture flips

Check out tutorial HERE.

4) Bed Turned Into Storage Bench

Need some extra outdoor storage? Need some extra seating? Want it to look fantastic in the process? Well Dana from Ruggy DIY nailed it with this bench! Couldn’t you picture this on your porch!?

low budget furniture flips

Check out tutorial HERE.

5) Entertainment Center Turned Into Children’s Armoire 

Talk about a low budget furniture flip. Since television technology has changed over the years, these old entertainment centers are popping up left and right at thrift stores, craigslist and offer up. Melissa Woods from HomeTalk.com took this old entertainment center and turned it into a beautiful, very functional armoire for her daughter’s room.

Check out tutorial HERE.

6) Old Dresser Turned Into A Bench

Turn an old unused dresser that still has some flair, and turn it into a gorgeous functional bench with storage. Lisa from CreateInspire did just that. I am slightly obsessed with that teal color at the moment. Am I the only one?

Check out tutorial HERE.

7) Old Door Repurposed

Take an old door and give it a new life! Megan from hometalk.com did just that for her farmhouse inspired kitchen. Another very functional piece. (I like things to serve a purpose, as well as look pretty in our house.

Check out tutorial HERE.

8) File Cabinet Makeover

File cabinets serve their purpose, but tend to not be so pretty. Look what a little paint and a couple picture frames can do! I searched for the owner of this piece, but could not find who created it. If someone is reading this and knows whose piece it is, I would love to give them the proper credit. I really loved this low budget furniture flip!

9) Cabinet Given New Life

Drab dark cabinet turned simple & modern. White seems to be a theme lately. Either I just really like it, or it is the growing trend. Kate from Centsationalgirl did a fantastic job with this piece. And she found this cabinet for only $10 at Goodwill!

Check out tutorial for this low budget furniture flip HERE

10) Old Chairs Turned Elegant

Nice dining chairs can be VERY expensive. Check out this $40 chair ($20 from craigslist, and $20 for supplies), that Lauren from Blesserhouse redid. Her set turned out so elegant, and every bit like the ones from Pottery Barn or Ballard designs.

Check out tutorial HERE.

Flipping furniture is not where we usually put our effort, however we have been working to change that recently and are learning a lot from talented bloggers out there, as well as our readers! We have a furniture flipping contest that is OPEN!!  If you have any pieces you would love to enter, be sure to get our e-mail notifications HERE.

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We Want To Hear From YOU!

Where have you found some of your favorite low budget furniture flips? Comment Below!


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  1. I had a headboard just like that as a child living in Michigan. It brings back memories. Great way to use good antiques.

  2. This is probably a really cool site but your pop-up that makes you enter an email for a beginner’s guide to selling on Ebay before you can proceed is off-putting. I’m sure I’m not the only one bothered by this and you are likely losing potential revenue because people immediately leave the page rather than entering an email.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We actually don’t have ads on our site anymore so we don’t get revenue from them. Our main goal is to help people make an income from reselling. We will look into that pop up. thanks

  3. Great ideas, lots of inspiration. Love flipping furniture to keep or resell. Always on the hunt for that special, piece that’s different. I live in Melbourne Australia, so some of our pieces here are similar to yours, then we have some really old Australian pieces. Love Pinterest. Thankyou for igniting more passion in me.

  4. I’m just now starting out and I can incorporate a lot of your ideas In a lot of the pieces I have on hand thank you I have interest in learning more

  5. Wow! What amazing transformations! Just seeing all those makes me want to try it! I can’t believe some of those are the same pieces!

    Also, I noticed that some of your codings are showing in your blog text. I’m not sure about other platforms, but if you are using WordPress, you can cut and paste them into a tab that says “text” which is on the top right of the little window where you write your posts. (Took me 2 months to find that little tab – hidden in plain sight!) Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! We are currently going through an update and changing our theme. We should get everything changed over by tomorrow. but right now a few pages are a little wonky… lol. Thank you though! Should be looking a lot cleaner and smoother soon!

  6. Love all these ideas. Just about to go on holiday but think I’ll have quite a few projects using these ideas when I get back.

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