Lyndi’s Success Story: Her First Time Shipping Freight That Almost Failed

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Lyndi’s Success Story: Her First Time Shipping Freight

Today we have another success story to share! This one is exciting because it was this Lyndi’s very first time shipping freight!

These get us even more excited then our own wins. We love it when people are making money doing something they love.

Lyndi almost threw in the towel (and lost $200) on this chair that she thought she couldn’t ship.

Before Lyndi listed this Joybird Soto chair on eBay, she called FedEx (twice) with the measurements to make sure she could fit it in a box. They told her no problem both times.

first time shipping freight

Then she sold the chair on eBay for $400 and when she went to ship it they told her no way it wouldn’t fit in a box and she would have to ship it freight for $900!


That’s when she reached out in our members Facebook group and asked for help. She was about ready to refund the buyer since there was no way she could ship it for $900. That’s until we walked her through the freight shipping process.

Lyndi had never done a freight shipment before, so was a little overwhelmed with the idea at first. But once we were able to help her step-by-step, she pulled it off without a hitch!

She was able to ship it freight for $200. That’s $700 less than FedEx quoted her! She was ecstatic!

We look forward to hearing more stories from Lyndi about future freight shipments and good profits.

We also would love to hear any of your successes! If we have inspired you in anyway to get moving in your flipping business, we would love to hear from you. You can comment below or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] to share your story.

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Lyndi’s Success Story: Her First Time Shipping Freight

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