This Former House Cleaner Flips Vintage Items To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month


Do you love looking for treasure at yard sales and thrift stores? Do you find it fun to find bargains anywhere you can? What if you could make an extra $1000 per month doing something you love! 

Today we have an amazing interview with Angela, who had been cleaning houses as her main side hustle for 25 years! 

Angela and her family

Due to getting a little older and the wear and tear it creates on the body, Angela was looking for another way to earn money so she could quit her house cleaning side hustle. 

And she did just that last December! 

Here is the Amazing Part

Angela jumped into Flipper University in December 2019. Angela felt overwhelmed at first with sourcing and selling on eBay. These feelings sadly kept her from going forward for an entire year.   

But wait for it – She got over it and has been flipping ever since! 

She decided to join our Christmas Challenge in December of 2020. During that once a week training with the coaching and support she received, her feelings of being overwhelmed start to disappear. She learned a lot about sourcing and selling on eBay and she’s been going strong ever since. 

Not only that, she learned so much that she felt confident after a few months to quit her cleaning side hustle entirely. She’s been making an extra $1,000 per month consistently ever since! 

Let’s Hear From Angela About Her Amazing Transition Into Flipping Items For Profit

My name is Angela and I live in the Dallas area (Richardson, TX). I’ve lived in the area most my life and married my high school sweetheart, Scott. We’ll be married 29 years in May!  

We have 2 adult kids, Courtney & Ryan. Courtney is a first year teacher during a pandemic! Ryan is a full-time Youtube editor for James Charles. 

My hubby and I have a lake house that we co-own with my parents. We take any chance we get to go to the lake for fishing and relaxing. We even use our weekend getaways as sourcing opportunities to pick up items to sell in the small towns next to our lake house!

I Found Flea Market Flipper in December 2019

I was looking for a consistent side hustle that I could have where I could replace the income I made from cleaning houses.  I made a goal to get through the course and just start. 

So I did. I started. But my first attempt at selling items was right after I got through the entire course and  I wasn’t ready for the sourcing part of the side hustle.

It honestly threw me off and scared me a little bit. Because of this fear, sadly I gave up on flipping as a viable side hustle option pretty quickly. 

I found my fears were holding me back by simply just “where to start”.  It seemed so overwhelming to me that there were so many things to pick from to sell. At that time, I didn’t have the experience to sort through those items and know what to choose.  

Waiting a Year to Start Flipping

Because I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t do anything with the new knowledge that I gained by taking Flipper U.

 In fact, a whole year passed without pursuing it any further. 

But in December 2020, I made a decision to participate in the Christmas Challenge that Flea Market Flipper put together.

Honestly, this was exactly what I needed although I didn’t know it yet! 

As I went through training and watched and learned, I started to see the concept of flipping items for profit was pretty simple…buy low or free and sell high.

It seemed so easy when I would think about it

But the execution was challenging (sourcing, consistency, listing and packaging) initially due to fear and the unknown.

For me, I just had to figure out what would work for my life and the parameters I had to work with. As I’ve continued to watch others become successful after Flipper University, I can see that this business can work for anyone at some level, depending on the time you want to invest in it.  

I realized fear played a big part in my not going after the business in the beginning. In fact, one of my biggest fears was freight shipping and still is! But I have learned that I can conquer even my first freight shipment with the support of the group and the course. 

Always learning, always growing!

Small Group Coaching Helped Overcome Fears

During the Christmas challenge, I started to realize I was gaining quite a bit of knowledge. Specifically, I was learning how to source better and list items more consistently. This consistency was eye opening, as I was seeing my sales increase and it was really helping me. 

It all just clicked from there and off I went! During that month-long challenge, I made $500!

As I took what I learned and engaged in the flipping for profit group, I started to take notice from all of the people in the group and what they were selling. Before this time, I was just too overwhelmed to consider that maybe I could sell the same things and find them in my area. 

I watched and experimented with selling items I wouldn’t normally have taken the chance on. As I did this, I gained confidence by having a few mess ups, learning from my mistakes, and telling myself it was ok to make mistakes and to keep going. 

Because of what I’ve learned in our coaching group, I’ve expanded my sourcing. I’ve been learning how to take steps forward when I make mistakes and that I don’t have to quit when things get tough.   

From No Flipping to Vintage Lamps

It’s been really great to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone. I have now moved into vintage oil paintings and name brand vintage lamps. These were items I would not have had the confidence to source or even consider shipping. 

extra $1000 per month
“I have had great luck with vintage lamps”, said Angela.

But through the course and the help of my flipping family, I’ve been able to do it!

I kind of fell into these items. I noticed as I was sourcing that I would see these often and as I was learning how to price items. I could see there was a pretty good profit margin on those items. I found it was something easy for me to source and list the same day. 

From Cleaning Houses to Flipping Items for Profit!

Since the Christmas challenge in December of 2020, I have continued to flip items regularly. I realized that after a whole year of not taking any action, I was starting to see some really amazing results! 

Instead of being too scared, I started seeing my hard work and consistency was paying off. 

When I took Flipper U in 2019, my main goal was to replace my part-time house cleaning income with another side hustle. 

I Had Been Cleaning Houses For 25 Years

I absolutely loved it. It provided a nice second income for my family. 

But unfortunately age was catching up to me and it became really hard on my body to continue cleaning houses week after week. I even tried to reduce my house cleaning hours, but I was still seeing it was taking a toll on my body.  

I had been thinking of some other avenues of income. I initially thought about flipping/upcycling furniture when I first started this course. 

I Had No Idea That There Were So Many Items In High Demand Worth So Much Money 

As I stayed close in the group and watched and learned, I started to see that there were literally hundreds of things I could buy and flip for profit. Now instead of feeling overwhelmed by it, I started to take action for myself. 

I had gained so much confidence after the training that I was able to prove to myself  within a couple of months of really giving this program a shot, I could retire from cleaning houses.   

I am happy to report that I was able to quit my part-time house cleaning gig and replace that income with flipping! Every month I’ve been consistently producing $1,000 in sales and working it very part-time (putting in less hours than I did with house cleaning).  

Pushing Through the Challenges

Since realizing I could make an extra $1,000 per month without much effort, I started to think bigger. I know if I put more effort into it each month, the sky’s the limit! There are so many things to sell and the income is unlimited. From this day forward. It all depends on me and how much time I want to invest. 

Since taking Flipper University, I’ve learned a new way of making extra income! Another important lesson I’ve learned is that if you quit with every challenge you’re faced with, then you won’t succeed.  

extra $1000 per month
Oil Paintings have been great to sell

But if you just keep pushing yourself and pushing through (the magic happens when you get out of your comfort zone!) past those obstacles and challenges, you will be successful! 

Flipper University absolutely works, but it does take time and effort to really learn it. What I found that it works, but “when” it works all depends on how much dedication you give to it.  

Like anything, there is a learning curve. But I found I had the support I needed in the members Facebook group. Whether you are searching the page for your answer or if you just want to ask direct questions to the group you will find the answers there. 

There are a few “experts” in the group which is so nice especially if you plan on sourcing/selling that item. I get a lot of ideas from them and then I just search and source those same successful items in my own town. 

Pros and Cons to Flipping Items for Profit

I’ve found that there are so many pros to flipping, which include flexibility I have to source, list, and package on my own time. It’s also really nice to be a part of a community of like minded people that are so willing to help me become successful. 

It’s great because they are just as excited as you are about flipping and I’ve found them to be my biggest supporters!  

Depending on what you’re flipping it can be rewarding to say, “I did that!”

From start to finish. I love finding items and cleaning them up to sell. I love the whole process. I never know what I may find that is “trash to treasure” for someone else.

But like any business, there are always negatives. Currently sourcing is still challenging for me because I’m still learning the value of items. In time though, I am sure it will turn into a big positive! 

For now, I have three main items I look for when sourcing and that keeps me plenty busy. I only source on facebook. For me, thrifting has been overwhelming as I don’t know what I’m looking for. But with facebook, it  allows me to narrow down my search so I can easily find it’s value.   

Sometimes some negative aspects of flipping can turn into positives!  Recently I was sourcing a lamp to buy and flip. When I went to pick the $10 vintage lamp, I thought it was a name brand. 

When I got it home, I realized it wasn’t what I thought it was. I was super bummed about it. But then accidentally, I figured out this type of lamp sold really well on eBay. I ended up cleaning it up and sold it on eBay for  $90 plus shipping in 2 days! I’ve definitely added that lamp to my “Be on the Lookout”  radar!

extra $1000 per month
The vintage lamp that led to selling more lamps

So all in all, I am so thankful that I was able to push myself past sitting on Flipper U for an entire year. It’s been such a great business and it proves that you don’t need to know what you are doing when you start. You can start this business at any level, learn and get really good at it. 

I’m so happy I took the chance and pushed myself past my fears

I learned the business and flipping items for profit is a real way to make great extra money.

Well there you have it! There are so many people who start the business, but for whatever reason believe they can’t do it or don’t want to put the work into it. 

If you are willing, you can absolutely learn this business and become very, very good at it! It can be a great side hustle or even a full-time business if you want it to be! 

Thanks Angela for sharing your experience with us. We are looking forward to seeing how well you do by the next Christmas challenge! You’ve got this!

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I grew up in Central Florida and have lived here my whole life. I first got into buying and selling items when I was 16 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It has mostly been a hobby that makes some extra cash, but sometimes it serves as my main income as well. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I find too many fun toys for my family (or myself), and just love the whole process.

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