3 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Selling On eBay


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If you’re new to reselling, it’s important to get started on the right foot so your business can be successful. Today we are talking about three things you need to know before you start selling on eBay.

These three things surprise a lot of people once they get in and start selling, and we want to make sure you do not have any surprises hit you when you jump in and start selling on eBay.

eBay Holds Funds

The first one is eBay is going to hold your funds whenever you’re first starting out, so they will not be released to you right away. When you sell an item eBay is going to take payment on that item, but they’re going to hold the payment until they see that you ship the item and the buyer receives the item.

After you are an established seller, which depends on feedback and sales, you will get the money in your account faster after a sale. Typically it’s at a point between 10 to 20 sales. Once we make a sale eBay receives the money and they put it into our account after about three to four days. Once they see that you are a legit seller, they will start putting the money directly into your account.

They hold the money as protection for their buyers in case you’re trying to scam somebody. They’re just trying to make sure that you are legit selling a product and that you’re going to deliver it to the buyer.

You may be able to speed the process up by asking the buyer to leave you positive feedback as soon as they get the item. And then once you have that positive feedback you can call eBay and ask them to release the funds.

You’ll Have More Competition

When you’re first starting out you’ll have more competition on the platform with people who are experienced sellers. They have a lot of feedback and have already established themselves, so if you can do things like offer fast shipping and free returns it will help your items sell faster. It will get your account built up faster. 

We’re living in the world of Amazon and we are selling on eBay, which is trying to model Amazon by offering fast shipping. The quicker you ship an item the more eBay will favor it and show that item to people because they want to process to go seamless and quick.

Scam Requests

This is a big one that can be surprising to some people, but as you’re first starting out, you may get a lot of scam requests. People can see that you don’t have any feedback and so they may try to reach out to you and tell you your price is great and they’ll pay you $300 extra for shipping.

The rule is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. Be on the lookout for people that are reaching out and asking to take sales off eBay to Paypal or other platforms. Don’t buy gift cards. 

Once you get more feedback, you’ll get fewer of those requests. Make it a goal to get your first ten feedback (they can come from buying or selling), and it’ll help keep the scam requests down. Remember, if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of a transaction, you can call eBay.

Bonus: Understand The Fees

One thing that sometimes surprises people is you are going to get fees on both the sale of the item and on shipping costs. So just expect that. Build it into your cost. It’s the cost of doing business.

Don’t be afraid of these notes, just be aware of them as you start your reselling business.

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