How We Made Almost $1,000 in One Day of Flipping Flea Market Items

How we made $1,000 in ONE day of flipping flea market items!

Last week was a pretty great sales week! We had one day in particular that was a high sale day. We sold 3 items for a total of $1,070!  Two were sold on eBay and one was sold through a Facebook selling group.

The first item we sold was a coin operated arcade game. I had brought it out at our yard sale in the week prior and put a $350 sticker on it. It didn’t sell so I listed it on eBay and was able to get $520 for it! (The buyer paid an additional $180 to ship it). I have had this game sitting in my garage for a couple years now. I initially paid $35 for it. I have this vision of an elaborate game room full of old games. I would still like to do that some day, and it kinda hurt to sell these, but for now I need to clear everything out.  We are moving into an RV in a few months to travel for the next year and we have a lot to sell! I had another arcade game at the same yard sale that didn’t sell either. I listed it on eBay as well and sold it before this one. You can read about that one HERE.

I posted a pic of this arcade game getting palleted to ship last week, and some of you may have watched the video of exactly how I did it in my latest eBook The Art of Shipping. I have really enjoyed stepping up my game and selling some of the larger items over the last year. Most people wouldn’t want to ship this, but it really isn’t that hard. I charged the buyer $700 for the item and shipping, and shipping it cost $180. So much better than if I would have made $250 at the yard sale (that was going to be the lowest offer I would accept).

The next item was a instant water heater. I paid $45 for it from a vendor at the flea market. I actually don’t know if it works or not, and that is how I listed it. I was able to get $450 for it. The best part is, I bought 7 of these from my vendor friend! So I am hoping the next 6 are just as profitable. 🙂 You might be wondering why would anyone pay that much for something that is not working. Well, they run about $1,500-$2,000 new, so for someone who is handy it is definitely worth the risk. Sometimes I take the time to figure out what is wrong with an item and put parts and labor into it to fix it. Of course then I can ask more money, but I have to make sure it is worth my time. For these if I can make 10x my investment without any time or labor involved, it’s totally worth it. And while I do have flexibility in my schedule, I still want to use my time wisely. (Who doesn’t right?) Work smarter not harder. 😉

The last item wasn’t a huge sale, but it was 100% profit with no investment. We upgraded our dryer (by upgraded I mean we found one that we liked from the flea market for $20), and sold our current one for $100. We paid $0 for our current one as it was one my buddy gave me when he was cleaning out his garage. I will take an extra $100 any day! We posted it on Facebook, as lower priced appliances do pretty well on Facebook selling sites.

People are clearing out houses and getting rid of stuff all the time. It really isn’t too difficult to find items you can sell for FREE. If you haven’t checked out our eBook all about finding free items to sell, you can check it out HERE. Melissa will tell you, some days I really have to restrain myself from picking up another free item. I mean, our garage can only hold so much and she definitely doesn’t want it in the house! Ha.

All in all a great sale day! This month has actually turned out to be a big sales month, and there are still 5 days left. Our total so far for the month is $8,915! That beats out last February which was another high month at $8,224. It must be because it’s my birthday month. In a few short days I will be the ripe old age of 37! Where is the time going? Age is just a number right? I still feel 25 so we will go with that. Although at 25 I was able to sleep a lot more. These three little kids and their sleeping patterns are enough to drive a person CrAzY. It’s not even the baby either. He sleeps like a champ from 6:30-7:30. It’s really the 2 year old whose internal clock is set for 4 or 5 am. Way too early when I am writing this blog post at 11pm.

Thanks for stopping by our site! Be sure to check out our list of some of the BEST places to find items (in my opinion) to flip for profit. You can get it HERE by dropping us your e-mail which will allow you to receive updates on recent flips and other happenings around Flea Market Flipper.


What kinds of items interest you? Do you like antiques? collectibles? machinery? mechanical things? furniture?

Tell us what kind of items you would like to buy and sell for a profit in the comments below.


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