Working With Your Spouse

Working With Your Spouse

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We’ve worked together full-time for eight years and have gone through the ups and downs as we learned how to do that. We will share some of the challenges that come up when working with your spouse and how to get through those challenging moments. 

This topic was sparked from a recent comment on a video we posted, where somebody asked, “What do you do? How do you get your spouse on board with this?” 

We’ll cover what to do when your spouse isn’t supportive and what it’s like to work with your spouse. We are not professional counselors, but we can talk from our perspectives on what worked for us. You’ll be better off if you can learn to complement each other’s skills rather than butt heads. 

Starting A New Flipping Side Hustle

If you’re trying to start a new flipping side hustle and your spouse isn’t supportive, there are some things you can do. Keep communication open. Find out what the reason is. If they don’t want clutter in the house, maybe you can rent a space to store your items or keep them in the garage, shed, or a spare bedroom so they’re out of the way. 

We met16 years ago, and when we met, I had a duplex; one of them was my office, where I stored all of my inventory. All along, Melissa knew I had that stuff, but over the years, I found more and more deals and got more and more stuff. At a certain point, Melissa didn’t want it in the house anymore, so we found a solution and got a storage unit. It made it work for both of us.

If your spouse is not supportive because they think you’ve tried things in the past and never followed through, show them you’re serious about the business. You may have to start small, be consistent, and show them it works.

What is the reason why your spouse is not supportive? Get to the bottom of that. You need to know and communicate that with your spouse so they know what’s going on and you can understand how to better get to that next step.

Learn Each Other’s Strengths

Knowing what energizes each other is a huge piece if you’re working together on your reselling business. Learn each other’s strengths and also what makes them nervous. If your spouse is nervous about you spending money on inventory, talk to each other about it. Have confidence in the business and each other. 

When I recently bought 12 stretchers, Melissa wasn’t sure about the investment because it was $2,000. We’ve since made over $30,000 on the stretchers. It’s essential to have that conversation with your spouse about what you’re comfortable with, and then from there, you can grow into more significant investments. 

Communication Is Key

We know couples who do their reselling business together. We recently interviewed Tomas about how he and his wife run their flipping business. She does the back end of the bookkeeping and listing, and he does the sourcing. 

Working With Your Spouse communication is key

We enjoy working together every day. We love the time we spend together, and we don’t argue a lot because we’ve learned to work together. It’s all about communication. We’ve learned how to not push each other’s buttons. With open communication, you can learn and grow together.

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