How This Nurse Turned $0.50 Into $150K By Flipping Used Items

Stacey Gallego podcast

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Rob: All right guys, today, we are so excited to have Stacy Gallego joining us to give us some success tips on exactly how she took 50 cents and turned it into $150,000. That’s right. Not $150 – $150,000 in her reselling business.

Melissa: And we’re coming up on three years now for that. So in two years you hit a hundred thousand year and now close to the three-year mark I think so that is really awesome. And you started with 50 cents. So we’re going to dive into that in just a little bit.

Rob: But, first Stacy give us a little background. Let us know, you know, who you are, your family, that kind of stuff. Let us know a little bit about you so we can get a good understanding of who you are.

Stacy: Awesome. Well, I’m Stacy Gallego. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve been married to my husband, John, for 16 years. We have six kids together and I’m a nurse here at a local hospital and we’re just passionate about figuring ways to make money and have financial freedom so that we can keep our biggest commodity that we feel is most important to us and that’s our time. Because we have only have a little amount of time and we want to be in charge of our time.

So, and that’s kind of how flipping came into the mix and it’s just been really a blessing for us.

That’s awesome.

Rob: Melissa and I can totally relate to the time that is why we do what we do as well so we have more time to spend with our kids, spend time with each other. So time is the commodity that you can’t get back and it’s very important. So that is an awesome “why” for sure.

Melissa: So tell us a little bit about how you did get started in this flipping gig.

Stacy: So years ago when we had six kids and our last two were born back to back. So I kind of stepped out of my nursing career and I had a friend who was doing eBay. And so I was just playing around with it and I never made really any money just here and there – a few bucks here and a few bucks there. Just to kind of add into our budget and have a little extra money. And a few years ago, I, well, three years ago now, I really had a desire to get an RV.

And John told me, “You can get it. I don’t care. It sounds awesome. But here’s our rule that we have to follow. You have to have the cash to be able to do it.” So I was searching around for a side hustle and I had looked into all kinds of things like delivering papers, like court papers. And I thought, well, I don’t really want to get shot.

And I, I mean, I had all these ideas like walking dogs and it just, wasn’t the amount of money that I needed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it in a timely amount of time, so I just kind of prayed about it. And then I ended up seeing you guys talk about flipping and kind of how you sell higher dollar items, lower volume.

And I thought that seems like something I could do. So I told John, “Hey, I think I figured out this is what I’m going to do to which he said, we are not doing that or anything like it.” So I thought, “Okay, I’m on my own.” And I was scared out of my mind because I had never shipped anything larger than what could fit in a tiny little package.

So I had no clue what I was doing. And I had paralyzing fear that I wasn’t going to be able to it, but I took the steps because I thought now I have to prove it to him that this is a real gig. So I had to figure out how to fix things. I went on YouTube cause I knew he wasn’t going to help me or he wasn’t real big on helping me.

And it did not take him long to see this might be a really good gig for us. So that’s kind of how we started. So what I did was I thought, “I know that this is a real gig, so I said, I wonder what I could do with just 50 cents.” So I went out to a yard sale and got a little, it was a Dodge Ram truck, one of those little caps that go over the tire.

I bought it for 50 cents. I put it on eBay. I sold it the next day for $75. And I put that money back in (my business). And I never put another dollar of my personal finances into my flipping business. I pay all my taxes. I pay my accountant, I buy all my packing materials and, you know, it’s just such a good gig. Cause there’s not a ton of overhead, you know, if you’re on eBay and you have an internet, like you can do this business, anybody can do it. So that’s kind of how I got started and I never turned back and here I am.

Rob: That’s awesome, 50 cents, a 50 cent hubcap is what she started with, which is so exciting.

Yard sale, oh yeah. Awesome. So that is amazing.

A little bit further. If you guys don’t know us, Stacy is our first hundred thousand, a hundred thousand Pro Flipper Club Member. What is it? What is it student? $100K Pro Flipper Club member.

Tongue tied a little bit, but Stacy is our first member that made it to a hundred thousand dollars in flipping. So we’re very, very – we love Stacy.

She’s done a great job and we’ve helped her get there, but, she’s amazing. She’s got some great tips to help people go to that next level. And that is the whole thing The Reseller Summit is about is wherever you’re at right now we want to try to help you guys get to that next stage. So yeah, we’re, like I said, we’re very thankful for Stacy to be here and give some of her great wisdom in this arena.

Melissa: Stacy would you say -was there any special skillset you had when you started flipping that you needed to get going?

Stacy: You know that’s kinda the fun part of the business, you know, literally anybody can do it. You know, it’s not rocket science. Here’s what I did. And I suggest anybody who’s watching – find smart people who are winning in the business, watch them and learn from them and just repeat whatever they do. That’s that’s literally what I did. It’s just that simple. I did not, you know, I had really never shipped anything UPS. Literally had never shipped anything UPS or FedEx. So I’d only used the post office for tiny little packages.

And so I had, it was just a total new thing for me to do. But all I did was just watch. I got around like-minded people who I knew that I could learn from, and I just repeated what they did.

Now I do think that you have to have a little bit of work ethic in this business because you have to be consistent.

That’s one of the things – I consistently source. I consistently fix my stuff and get them ready to list. I consistently get my stuff listed. I consistently get my stuff shipped quickly so that my customers are happy. I have good communication with my customers. So I think that there is a little bit of you know, consistency that you have to have and just kind of a work ethic, like, okay, this is my job.

And this is what I think when I’m working. And sometimes, I can get like anybody I can get unmotivated. I can not feel like doing it. And what I say is “What I do today is my paycheck next month.” If I want to get paid, then I’m going to do it. And then that kind of keeps me motivated because next month comes and I get a paycheck and it’s a nice paycheck where I’ve been able to step away from nursing andI do better at flipping than even nursing.

So it’s a great, it’s a great business. And so I would say those things, you find like-minded people that are winning and just do what they do. And then really you have to have that consistency and perseverance to stick with it.

Rob: Great advice. Yeah, definitely guys. And if you are here, we havespeakers from every arena of the reselling world.

So these are the people who are winning right now from all different avenues – from Amazon, from Poshmark, all over the place guys. Find somebody and follow them and learn those tactics that you need to succeed to that next level. That’s great advice, Stacy, and especially consistency. Melissa and I definitely relate with that as well.

You have to be consistent. If you treat this business as a side hustle and you only spend so much time doing it, that’s how you’re going to get paid. If you put more time and effort into it and you’re consistent with it, that’s when the profits go up and that’s where you’re going to make more money.

Melissa: I thought of JLD always says at the end of his podcast, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And then his thing is you just spent the last 30 minutes with me. So you get around those people that you know that are going the same place that you are.

Rob: You might not be able to be with people…

Melissa: But you can still learn and listen…

Rob: Listen to what they are teaching and, and listen to their podcast, and all that kind of stuff.

So that’s how you go to the next level is you surround yourself with that great information, that great uplifting stuff that will help you go to that next level. So great advice, Stacy, for sure.

Stacy: Awesome.

Melissa: Did you have like two or three flips that stick out to you over the last couple years?

Stacy: Yeah I’ve had some really fun flips where, I mean, I tell John, “We buy it, figure it out later.” That’s how we’ve been doing it. And some of them (our flips) were like, how are we going to do this? And then it always works out.

But I think one of our most fun ones was the motorcycle sidecar. And Rob, I was in one of your trainings, coaching groups and you found that for me and went down there and bought it for $200.

It was the coolest looking thing. It was a little convertible, it was old, it was a two-seater. It had a trunk. It was so funny, the people that sold it to us said, “Now we know that five packs of beer fit in the back of that.” Like if it was a selling point, so they didn’t care, they wanted to get rid of it.

We bought it. We took it home. And listed it. And I sold it 30 days later for $3,300.

Rob: Wow.

Stacy: Yeah, it was so much fun and the people loved it. They were so happy with it. And I just thought, you know, these people are going to dump it in some landfill somewhere. That’s what they’re going to do with it. And we took it and, found a new home for it. And they were really excited about.

Melissa: I love those stories so much.

Rob: And you actually shipped that one too, didn’t you?

Stacy: We did to New York city.

Rob: That’s awesome.

Stacy: That was a big one. That was one where we were thinking, “How’s this going to work?” But you know, we put our heads together. Like I said, with other people, you know, in our course members group. A lot of us ship large items. So we just figured it out and we figured, oh, we just need to build a pallet on top of our trailer, which is what we did and worked out great. Got it down there. And he was happy.

And so another really fun one was a skateboard that I found at a yard sale. I bought it for five bucks and I wasn’t sure it was even legit because it was in such great condition like that people had not even used it. They weren’t even making the skateboard anymore. So I contacted the company. It was a Hawaiian company and the guy said, “yeah, this is the era it’s from, this is everything. It’s perfect. I’ll buy it from you.” And he offered me $300 on the spot.

And I thought, if he’s going to offer me $300, if I list that on eBay, I’m going to find somebody, you know, in that era. It was from the eighties, someone from there’s going to want that because now they have kids who, you know, they want to share their toys from when they were kids. So he bought it for $700 on eBay. He was thrilled. He just was so happy.

Melissa: It’s funny because one thing I wanted to add to that is some, you know, we post our stuff on social media and people, we get the comments and negative comments. Oh, you’re taking advantage of people, but that could be like, these people are so excited to get that you found it. How would that person ever found it at a yard sale miles and miles away, it would’ve ended up- states away – it would have ended up going to a thrift store, the trash, and that person would have never haven gotten it. And they were so excited to get it and they were willing to pay.

Stacy: Well, I’m just thinking, it’s not like it’s the last, you know, roll of toilet paper on the earth either. You know, these are just, these are like fun things, luxury items that, we all have our favorite things that we spend money on. And I just think it gives me joy to find these old things or even new things and give it to somebody who I know will put it in their home and use it.

And it’s awesome. It’s like a win-win for everybody. So I don’t look at it like that. I know there probably are some people that do, but I think it’s part of any business, you know, you’re finding something somebody wants. That’s great.

Melissa: And you’re recycling it.

Rob: That’s it.

Melissa: We don’t need to buy more new stuff.

Rob: That’s right. That brings up a great, great question though. Stacy. Now you’re going from a motorcycle sidecar to a skateboard. Do you have this knowledge in your head of, “Okay this stuff is worth a lot of money. I know it. I see it.” Or how do you determine that these things are gonna make you some money? Give us a little bit of what you walk through when you see something that you actually pick up.

Stacy: Well, I think it’s a lot of just learning from other people, you know, too. Like what do they look for? But you know, as you do it, you develop an eye. Like now I’d say 90% of the stuff that I buy I have no idea what it is. I just know to me, it looks expensive. When I go to check it out, you know, I just run comps on it and I figure oh yeah this is expensive. And you know, if the numbers are right, what they’re wanting for the item, or sometimes I get stuff free too then I, then I get it.

So, you know, I mean, it’s basically just learning how to find comps, which is again, what you learn from other people who are doing it. And it’s not hard at all.

Melissa: And it’s so much better than it used to be back in the day.

Stacy: I know.

Melissa: Because he used to have to, before there were smartphones, take a gamble and like, okay, well I think I could sell for this and go home, check on the computer and okay. Yes, it’s a good or crap it’s not a good one.

Rob: We have all the information we need right now at our fingertips with your phone. You can see what it retails for. You can see what it’s sold for in multiple places. So yeah, you don’t have to have that knowledge. You just have to know how to find the comps.

Look it up.

Exactly. Find what it’s worth, and then you can make an offer on it or buy it for the price of that people are asking. For sure. So, yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. That’s right.

Stacy: And you know, who can have a lucrative business like this paying for a cell phone? Basically that’s all – pretty much all you need is a cell phone. I list from my phone, I find the items, I search from my phone. It’s just, like I said, no overhead for this business, you don’t even need money to start. You know, I started $0.50 but I could have started with zero because I have so many things in my home that I could sell, so yeah, it’s a great business.

Rob: For sure. That’s awesome.

Melissa: So on the other end, have you had any flips that have flopped that you can think of?

Stacy: Oh yeah, I had one kind of. It really wasn’t my fault. I got this free. This guy said, “if you come pick it up, you can have it.” So it was like a little, exercise machine and I sold it for maybe two weeks later for $700 and I got it free.

So I put it on a pallet, shipped it to her, and then she contacted me and we had, were very good, like at testing stuff right before we put it on the pallet, because you don’t want to get in a- you just want to make sure that you know what you are giving them. So those are things that we’ve kind of put into place. From this situation, you know?

And so we knew that it was working and she sent me a little video that, she had plugged it in and it was like a really weird hookup that she had. I could see from the video. Clearly she plugged it into something that did not jive with the exercise machine. And so she blew the electric on it.

So, and this was in the beginning. So this is something I’ve had to learn too. Don’t jump and just give somebody a refund. Like you need to – Ebay will back you to get the information, find out what happened. And here’s the thing, the more they talk, the more information they give me. And it usually exposes if they did something to the item.

So she sent it back to me and then we hadn’t looked at it quite yet, but she was really putting pressure on me to give her a refund. She was really upset. She was going to give me a negative feedback. So I refunded her as soon as I received it. And then John opened it up and he’s like, oh, she plugged it in because you could see it was just fried.

So what I learned is just that I take my time. I don’t refund people right away. I tell them, be patient with me, I’m working through it because Ebay wants you to not get the bad end of the stick too, you know?

So, now we don’t do that anymore. We really look at it. We take our time, we make sure that they didn’t do something to it or pull parts off of it, or, you know, cause sometimes they’ll do that, trying to fix it and then it doesn’t work out good.

But I think we learned patience in that. That we are a business. We don’t want to lose. Nobody wants to lose money. So you have to take in all the information and then just make a decision how you’re going to handle it.

Rob: Yeah. That’s a great, great takeaway for sure. Is, is don’t rush into anything no matter what happens in this business, even if something bad happens where somebody wants to refund, don’t rush into anything. You always take some time. Think about it, consult with some other people, try to figure out the best course of action for where you’re at right now. Don’t just jump in and be like, all right, send me the money. You send me the item back.. Don’t do that. You can take some time and, and contemplate what is the best course of action.

Melissa: Sometimes even a shipping damage claim. Like that one, what obviously wasn’t but sometimes they just want to return because they think the items broken. But in reality that the item was damaged in shipping. And you both of you could get fine with the situation.

You got your money back. If you don’t jump to conclusions and you figure out the process.

Rob: Exactly.

Great point. Great point.

Melissa: Yeah so through this journey, what are some roadblocks that were kind of in your way and how did you get through them?

Stacy: Well, my biggest one when I started was fear, like fear of not being able to do it, fear of what if I sell this and then, you know, the deal goes bad.

It was all of fear, paralyzing fear. That’s what I say. I mean, I was so afraid to ship a large item because I thought, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” but I just forced myself. I forced myself to sell the item and then figure out the shipping later. Cause I knew I could, once I got to that point where I was kind of have to do it. Because you know fear can stop you and limit you. And I’m so glad that I did not let that because I have such a great business. I’ve had so much freedom with my time and, you know, income. We’ve been able to do some amazing trips and, paid for things we needed around the house, just because I have this business and I could have let that stop me.

And the big thing is just taking one step to get started. You know, it’s just one step to just to start. And then as you learn, you’ll figure things out. And now I just feel like, I feel like John has to tell me, “Hold, hold on. We can’t. That is way too big!” Because I just feel like so much confidence. Like we can figure it out.

And you know what, when you can figure it out, there is so many things to sell. There’s so many small things to sell. Like you don’t even have to sell something big, but it opens up a world of opportunities for income. And I feel like even the confidence that I have had in the experience with flipping and being in our course members group and just building that confidence, I feel like it has even in other areas of my life, I feel like I’ve really grown in confidence.

So that’s kind of cool. It’s exciting. And so I never let fear run me now. What I do now is when I feel this feeling of getting afraid about something, I just kind of dissect the fear in my head. Like, “okay, what is the fear? What’s the worst thing that could happen?” And usually the worst thing that could happen 99% of the time does not happen.

So let’s say, you know, it’s something, maybe there will be little ups and downs, but it’s not going to end my business. It’s not going to completely take away all of the profit that I made and everything can be worked out. That’s, that’s how I view it. Everything can be worked out between my customer or the shipping company.

It’s just not the end of the world. So I think that’s really helped me just to be able to dissect my fear and then say, I’m going to. I always hear the saying, “Having courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. It means you’re afraid and do it anyway.” And I feel like, because I’ve been able to do that now I have this really awesome business and, even John enjoys it, you know, we enjoy doing it together. So it’s a family business. My kids even enjoy it. So.

Rob: Yeah, that’s awesome for sure.

And I think if you’re uncomfortable – you’re not growing in your business, you’re not growing. If you’re not uncomfortable, exactly. That’s where you’re growing the most is when you’re uncomfortable through a situation in this business, you know, it might be hard to ship something, large. It might be harder to do certain things, but you know, that’s where you’re growing is when you’re challenging yourself to go to that next level. And it does feel like fear, “No, I can’t do this.” But if you know, somebody else has done it and it’s possible to do, then there’s a way to do it. So you just have to continue to get yourself to grow and do those things. For sure.

Melissa: I liked the way that you looked at that one return too because, a lot of times people say, “Oh, I got burned on shipping or I got burned. I’m done. I’m done. Like, I can’t do this anymore, but you have like what we know in any business that you’re in, there’s going to be parts of the business that are not fun, but you took that as a learning experience. Now you handle things a lot differently. So,and that reduces the amount that’s going to happen.

So, you know, if you take those things that happen as a learning experience, like, “Okay, well, what did we get from this? What are we going to do now in our business?” And yeah. Apply.

Rob: One other question. You just said, “John loves this.”so in the beginning you said, John said, “No, we’re not doing that. No, that’s not a good idea,” but now he loves what you guys are doing. He enjoys it?

Stacy: He does. And, you know, we actually, it’s kind of nice because we have to learn to work together too, because sometimes it can be stressful if we’re putting like this last pallet we put together, we got it put together and we’re like,” how are we going to get this on the trailer?” I mean, we were trying to figure this out together.

And then at the end he was like, “Hey, we did it.” You know, so I feel like our marriage has even grown and he gets excited because he’s thinking this is such a fun business. There’s just anything you could think of, you can sell and it’s, and they’re everywhere.

Like I used to feel like the deals are going to run out. Like I should, hurry up and close this deal. I never do that now because I know tomorrow there’ll be a whole new set of deals out there. And so I think through what I’m going to buy. And so it’s been fun for us and, you know, my husband John retired in 2019 and we were trying to think, how are we going to do this?

Like, should we even retire? You know, we still have two kids in school. And we were thinking, maybe, maybe we should work a few more years. But we were able to, because of this business, because we know the income that we were getting and the consistency with it. We had no problem. We never looked back. He retired and it’s been going great ever since.

Melissa: What would you say to somebody who might not have a supportive spouse? So like when they’re getting started. So what would you say to encourage them to be able to still do their side hustle?

Rob: Definitely how you worked through that with John?

Stacy: I think for John he’s like one that if he sees it and he starts calculating in his head, like, “Ah okay, you bought something for five bucks and you sold it for $700.

That seems like a really good deal.” You know? And then I say people that are building their dreams together – it’s important to do that together. Maybe just share with him or her, you know, whichever the spouses is not on board. Like, “Hey, this might be a possibility for our dreams to come true.” We can have money for this or money for that.

Or maybe it’s that you want to get out of debt or pay for a vacation. I mean, we can’t believe the amount of income that we’ve been able to bring into our family. And we’re like, it doesn’t even feel like work. I feel like it’s fun. You know, it’s like the part-time part-time job that I always wanted for a full-time income.

So I think just sharing and then for me, he had to see it. So I had to be willing to move past that fear and do it, even when he was saying, you can’t do this, cause it didn’t make sense to him until he saw it. And then now when he sees it he’s like yup this is a good gig.

And, and then we get to spend time together too, which he’ll go with me to go pick up something. And then, you know, we just get to spend that time together, which both of us really enjoy.

Rob: That’s awesome. Yeah. And I saw a picture of John with the last pallet. For you guys that don’t know, Stacy just shipped a king size mattress that she made some very – how much did you actually sell that for? And what did you pay for it? .

Stacy: I paid $400 for it. And I sold it for $4,000 plus 500 to $500 to ship it.

Rob: That’s amazing! Stacy took some pictures of that mattress and actually John helping with the pallet and building the pallet and yeah, he was, he was all and they did it.

They did it, they got it done. It was, that’s a big old pallet and they did it. So they made some great, great money out of it, for sure.

Melissa: And you mentioned going on vacation. So you guys have used flipping for going on vacation, but you didn’t just go on any vacation this summer. So like how long were you gone for?

Stacy: So for about, I would say about six months I saved my flipping money and I saved $6,000. And so we took off for five weeks. My husband, John, and our two girls. And we went from Tucson all the way to Maine. And then the backside of the United States up to Wisconsin. We were gone five weeks and every single dime that we spent on this vacation was paid for by my flipping money.

And I’ll tell you what coming home, after going on a five week adventure and knowing that we didn’t put anything on our credit card that we couldn’t afford, it was just like so great. And we did some big things in our house this year. We had to replace our air conditioners. So I saved $6,000 to pay for one of them.

We put a bunch of money in our Roth IRAs, $10,000 all from my flipping money. That was just extra money that we had. So yeah, it’s a good business and I recommend it to anyone and anybody can do it. Like if you just start, you can do it.

And Rob, you know, you gave me the best advice because I was so scared in the beginning that I probably could have allowed myself to just like, get too scared to do it.

And I remember you telling me if you are consistent and you keep sourcing and you keep listing pretty soon every month, you’re going to be making thousands of dollars and that’s pretty much what happened. It’s so that’s how I look at it. You know, what I do today and what I do tomorrow is my check next month. So I’m going to keep doing it and building, you know, and that was the big thing you were trying to get at was building that inventory. And eventually that’s going to be your income and that’s exactly what happened. I just took your advice. I did it. And now I’m enjoying the benefits of being a flipper.

Melissa: So, did you ever buy the RV?

Stacy: You know what? It took me a year and a half. I saved $20,000. And then I started thinking, wow, that was,a lot of work to put it together. And then we started thinking, how many vacations would we have to take for $20,000? And we’re pretty good at taking really awesome vacations for not a lot of money.

So what we did is said, “Well, let’s not be hasty, let’s put it in an investment.” And so we put it into an investment fund until we figured out if we actually do want to buy one. So as of today, we said no to it for now, but we put it in an investment and we made about $4,000 in interest. So we can get an even better one when we want to.


Melissa: Very cool. It just gives you freedom of choice to do what you want.

Stacy: That’s exactly. And I think that’s really what the business has done. Like we have so many choices because when you have that extra income, that’s not in your budget, there’s so many things that you can do. Right now we’ve got a leak in our upstairs bathroom. That’s why I’m working this month. That’s, that’s going to be my next thing, but you know what? We don’t have to take out loans. We can say, “Hey, let’s, let’s flip a few things and get that money together.” And it’s really awesome.

Rob: That is awesome. Some great, great advice, great pieces that are great nuggets that Stacy’s brought to everybody today.

So you guys can take advantage. There’s so many great speakers in the summit, that you guys can, you can get around these people and really take their advice and go to that next level. Stacy, even talking about the fear I remember talking to Stacy about that. Remember you talked about the fear that paralyzed her and she could not get past it.

And then she did, she pushed through it. She grew through it and now she’s reaping it.

Melissa: I remember vividly too, because you had had success. You had done really well. And then all of a sudden you just hit this wall and couldn’t get past it for some reason. And then you just couldn’t sell it like you, cause you just couldn’t. It was all in mindset. And then a couple weeks later you got through it and then like your business took off again. So it was, it was really crazy to see on the, from the outside, like to see what happened, but it awesome though.

Stacy: I think on that, you know, too, you can get. You can get back in that mindset where you think, “Okay, this isn’t working.” But you have to trust the process when you see someone else.

Like for me, it was you. I see you doing it. You’re sharing all of the wisdom with me and here’s the thing, you know, when we lack wisdom, we either don’t make money or we lose money. Like when you look and watch somebody who is succeeding and then you take that information, like I had to trust that process.

Like I know Rob is doing it and he’s teaching other people to do it and I’m watching them do it. If I trust the process and I do it, I’m going to have the same results. It might not happen overnight. I would say it probably took me six months or so to get going. But once I got going, that was it.

Rob: Yeah, that is awesome. I love it. I love it. I love it. So great. Well, Stacy, thank you so much for jumping on here. Hopefully you guys took a lot of notes through Stacy’s presentation or Stacy’s talk with us and we’re just so thankful that you are part of our, our family, Flipper University. We’re so thankful that you are here and you’re, you help us all grow as well as we help you.

So thank you so much for doing this and can’t wait to see what your next big flip is!

Stacy: Oh, it’s coming! I got some good inventory and I’m going to sell it.

Melissa: Keep you posted.

Rob: Thank you again. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon. All right. Bye guys.


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I grew up in Central Florida and have lived here my whole life. I first got into buying and selling items when I was 16 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It has mostly been a hobby that makes some extra cash, but sometimes it serves as my main income as well. I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I find too many fun toys for my family (or myself), and just love the whole process.

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