$5,000 Found On Our Last Road Trip

$5,000 Found On Our Last Road Trip

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We went on a road trip recently and found two items worth $5,000, so we’re going to talk about what we found to flip on eBay.

Our friend was hosting a two-day conference for kid entrepreneurs, called Teenage Tycoon, which was cool. It was about money management, investing, and a bunch of other cool topics. We’re very passionate about being entrepreneurs ourselves and we want to show our kids exactly what’s possible, so we love going to those events. 

It was a mastermind for kids where they picked a profession, came out of school with a certain amount of debt and income levels, and then had to try to figure out their net worth at the end of it. The goal was to get the highest net worth. Our kids had such a blast and learned about the different debt that you acquire while in school.

Anytime we head out of town, we love to look for items for our flipping business. It’s fun, but we also love when we can pay for the trip with an item or two. On this trip we found two items worth $5,000. 

What We Found On The Road Trip

I found a scammer up in Tennessee and I’m not used to scammers. I usually see them a mile away, but this guy just wanted my phone number. The listing was for a 40-inch range, most are 30-inch, so this was cool. The pictures had all the right things and finally he said, “Do you want to send me your number so I can send you the address and you can come see it?” When I sent him the number he said he wanted to send me a confirmation number to show I wasn’t a scammer. At that point I realized he was trying to be able to sell my phone number, which I wouldn’t do. That was sad because I was excited about the comps on the listing. 

Road Trip Find #1

I did find another range on the road trip that wasn’t a scam. It was a double oven with a pizza oven on top and a normal oven on the bottom on the road. It was in amazing shape and was white. There’s one other listed on eBay and they are not offering shipping, so they’re limited to their local market. We will ship anywhere in the country. I picked that up for $100 and we have it listed for $2,000 with $250 for shipping. 

Road Trip Find #2

The second item we had to drive an hour each way to pick up. Sometimes we’ll take small detours on a road trip if the profit is there. This had potential and it’ll go into smaller boxes, not a pallet. It’s stamp hot foil set. They had two different stamping machines and thousands of accessories with it. It caught my eye because the accessories are usually the expensive part. The set was from a business that a lady and her husband had, and when he passed away their friends decided to help her sell it at an estate sale. It didn’t sell at the sale, so they listed it on Marketplace. I paid $300, using $100 from each of the kids to invest. They wanted to buy this purchase to flip. 

We have it listed for $3,500 as a business in a box. It has everything to run this hot foil stamp business. We listed it a little higher so we do have some flexibility to take a deal. 

Hopefully we’ll make at least $2,500-$3,000 on this in profit so the kids will be excited and they can help me box it up. They already helped me clean it and set it up for pictures. 

$5,000 Found On Our Last Roadtrip - hot foil stamping set

Sourcing Items Everywhere

This is just one example of us finding items on the road. We are always looking for items out of town too as we coach our 1:1 members. We recently released a new service on helping you find those high-profit items, and we’ll go to your area online, and source $2,000-$5,000 worth of items for you. This is open to 20 people because we want to get back to people in a timely manner.  We’ll do a screen record of how we found the item, look at comps, and show you how to negotiate the sale. If you want to check it out, visit the link below. 

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