20 Hot Items to Sell on eBay in the Summer to Make Extra Money


Who doesn’t love summer? I sure do!  When the kids get out of school, we have a summer full of wakeboarding, BBQs, swimming, the beach, running, and ice cream! And so do a whole lot of other people! So you know what that means? There are some hot items to sell on eBay in the summer, and that means great opportunities to make money.

That’s the good news! While you are busy playing and enjoying your summer, your flipping business can be making you some killer cash! 

We put together this list for you of best sellers on ebay in the summer to help give you a head start!

Here Are 20 Hot Items To Sell On Ebay This Summer


So let’s dive in! We have 20 hot items to sell on Ebay in the summer. And that’s just a start.

Who loves to sit out on their back patio in the summer? It is an amazing time to sit with family and friends, roast a marshmallow over the fire pit, and enjoy the summer weather. 

Patio furniture is a perfect thing to sell during the summer. So, after school is out, many families are working diligently to get their back yard looking summer-ready.

We’ve sold a lot of patio furniture and chairs over the years. Our #1 favorite is to sell teak patio furniture. Out here in Florida, teak is very popular. It’s a very hard, heavy wood that can take the Florida weather. 

The Magic of a Good Cleaning

It can get sun damaged and worn, but what people don’t know is a good cleaning will make it come alive again! 

Sell Used Furniture
Teak is so great to resell

And when you bring it to life, you will get top dollar for it. We picked a set of teak wood patio furniture locally for $100. So I pressure washed it, cleaned it up, and sold it for $2,500!

Take a look around locally to see if you can find any good sets of patio furniture at a low price. There will be a lot of people on the lookout the closer you get to summer. 

2. Tennis Shoes

Melissa and I sure do love our runs in the morning. We cinch up our tennis shoes and get out in the fresh air to get our run in for the day. So, we feel amazing afterward. 

It keeps our health in check and it also gives us time to enjoy each other and toss around business ideas. Many of our best business ideas were those we came up with while running together!

When summer hits, people are wanting to get some of those winter pounds off and enjoy a nice run or walk. 

At any given time, there are literally thousands of expensive brand shoes that are being sold second hand for pennies on the dollar. You could literally sell tennis shoes on eBay all summer long and make a killing!

And there is no shortage of tennis shoes to be found both in your own closet and at yard sales and thrift stores. 

So, take a look at what you have and make some money this summer by selling some of your unused tennis shoes. You’ll be helping your budget and someone else stay fit during the summer. 

3. Boats & Watercrafts

Ok, so maybe you aren’t ready for flipping a boat or jet skis, but there is big money to be made if you decide to! Maybe you are itching to test your freight shipping skills and sell a boat on eBay. 

It can be done. In fact, I’ve sold several boats and jet skis on eBay!

Down here in Florida, I can pick up boats and jet skis all the time for very little money.  I’ve even gotten a set of jet skis for FREE! I answered an ad on Offerup to come and look at two jet skis. The guy just wanted them to go to a good home. 

And of course I could help him with that!

He gave them to me at no cost. We used them and played with them for two summers and then I sold them on eBay for $2,000! 

Everywhere around the country, people are wanting to enjoy their summer and stay cool. You could list the boats and jet skis on eBay for a local pick up if you aren’t quite into freight shipping yet. 

There are so many people who want to get out on the water to enjoy their summer. And you could make some great money while helping them do just that!

4. Air Conditioners

Starting in May, window air conditioners and large home units will be in high demand. I find window air conditioning units and the large air conditioners all the time on local selling apps and also the flea market. 

The best time to look for air conditioners to flip is at the end of the summer. You may need to hang on it for a season, but by the beginning of the next summer, you will have one hot item to sell on eBay! (No pun intended!)

We know not everyone is ready to freight ship. Totally understand that. The small window units can easily be shipped on eBay using fedex or UPS for shipping. 

The larger home air conditioner units can be found everywhere and even in used condition they can bring in some really good money. This would obviously be something that would need to be shipped on a pallet. 

Either way, both the window units and large units can be sold and shipped on eBay and there is definitely money to be made. 

Keep your eyes open at the end of the summer for sales inside department stores for their end of the season items. Oftentimes, you can find window units on clearance and they are practically giving them away at the end of the summer season. 

5. Hiking Boots

We are definitely not big hikers (we don’t have a lot of mountains here in Florida). But have you seen the cost of hiking boots? It’s crazy. And I have even seen some hiking boots upwards of $1,300 retail!


So many people are deciding to do all the hiking they can in the summer because where they live they may not have the opportunity to hike due to weather or lack of places to hike. 

Take a look at thrift stores and you will see hundreds of hiking boot options. There are so many hiking boots that get thrown out or donated every year. So you are bound to find a few of them for a few bucks that you can flip. 

Source a few of them from thrift stores and list them on eBay. And you will be amazed at how many people are looking for good, quality hiking boots to buy to enjoy their summer hikes. 

6. Golf Equipment

I’ve never understood the thrill of golfing. I don’t golf and never have. However, I’ve gone into golfing retail stores and I am blown away at the prices that people are willing to pay! There are literally thousands of gadgets, golf clubs, bags, and the like that people pay top dollar for. 

But there are others who love golf, but don’t want to pay retail. That’s where the flipper can be of great help!

Certain brands of golf clubs sell well

We have one course member in our group who buys and sells golf clubs. She picks them up for $20-25 and she sells them for hundreds of dollars! Golfers are always wanting to “upgrade” to bigger and better and that leaves them trying to get rid of the equipment they already have. 

On any given day, you can search facebook marketplace, Offerup and Craiglist and find single golf clubs and sets of clubs for dirt cheap. 

So, grab those suckers, clean them up, and list them on eBay. There is money to be made. Some people around the US have waited all year long to be able to golf. They will be on the lookout to buy your clubs and golfing gadgets. 

Don’t forget golf carts

I know, I know. It’s a big item and you may not be ready for flipping something that big. But I have bought so many golf carts for just a few hundred bucks. I clean them up, put a new battery in them and sell them for big money. 

The last golf cart I sold, I picked for $350. I used it and had some fun with it during our Christmas parade with my family. 

After that I sold it for $2,000! Golf is one of those crazy sports that people will spend crazy money getting the items that they want to improve their game. Sometimes it works for their game and sometimes it doesn’t – But you don’t need to worry about that. There is money to be made on the sale of golf items in the summer!

7. Swimming Gear

In Florida, we pretty much swim and are at the lake and ocean all year long. We don’t necessarily have a summer season for swimming. 

But the northern states are chomping at the bit for June to come, because they want to get into the pool or go to the lake. 

As soon as the summer sun peaks out from the clouds, people in that part of the country are buying swimming gear! There is no shortage of what you could sell. 

  • Swimsuits
  • Boogie boards
  • Coolie cups/ Yeti Tumblers
  • Water Volleyball nets
  • Pool cleaning items
  • Yeti Cooler

Anything swim related will be in high demand come May.

A great time to look for items to flip is at the end of the summer season. This is when these summer items will go on clearance and you will be prepared and ready for the next season to sell like crazy in the beginning of the summer. 

Another great place to look is at flea markets, thrift stores, etc. People dump off their items at the end of the summer and you can pick them up crazy cheap in preparation for next summer’s eBay sales.

8. Ice Cream & Ice Makers

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day? Or a few ice cubes in your soda to keep cool? 

It might sound crazy, but ice cream makers sell for a lot! One of our course members picked up an ice cream machine at a yard sale for $10 and she sold it for $300 on Ebay – and that was during the winter time! Just think what it would go for in the summer!

It seems impossible, but there are a lot of vintage and high-end ice cream makers that can be sold for a lot of cash!

Countertop ice makers and commercial ice machines are sought after summer purchases. 

There is a good mix of both larger ice makers and smaller ice cream machines and ice makers that can be both freight shipped (much larger profit!) and also shipped using fedex and UPS. 

Both of these are hot items to sell on Ebay in the summer!

9. Sporting Equipment

I recently shared in our facebook group that if it wasn’t for this season in my life where my kids are now getting involved in sports, I would have no idea how much people actually pay for sporting equipment. 

From soccer balls to softball bats to baseball gloves. As soon as summer comes, there are kids all over the US who are joining club teams of every kind. What does that mean? It means the parents are in the market for buying the best sporting equipment around for little Jr. 

We had no idea what baseball equipment cost until our son started tee-ball. We were shocked when we went to purchase baseball equipment for him to play on his little league team.

It opened our eyes to a whole new world of flipping! On a recent trip to the flea market, I saw a really cool-looking glove. In my head, I decided that it would sell for about $25. 

Boy was I wrong. I picked the glove for $5 before I even looked at how much it was worth. I sold the glove on eBay for $300 in less than two months!

Sporting equipment is in high demand in the summer and believe me, moms and dads are willing to pay big money for your sporting items. 

10. Luggage

Have you checked out the cost of a new set of suitcases? They can cost in the upwards of $1,200 for a quality set.  

I’ll be honest. I’d rather spend money on creating a memory with my family than a bag to carry my clothes in. 

But there are people who get excited about their summer travel experience, and they think they need the most expensive set of luggage in order to enjoy it. 

And what happens is, the next year they will want the better set and their $1,200 set of suitcases will get taken to their local thrift store. 

That’s where we come in. We can snag an expensive set of luggage or baggage for pennies on the dollar and use eBay’s platform to sell to the next person who wants to take a super fun summer vacation – at half the retail cost. 

I’ve found luggage at thrift stores for $5-10 and I know retail they’re  hundreds of dollars. Do a quick search in your local thrift stores and see what’s available. 

You can clean them up and resell them for a good amount of money if they are in good shape. Many people pick up high end luggage for that once in a lifetime vacation and then never use them again! 

11. Grilling Equipment

In Florida, the sun shines all year. But for the folks in the northern part of the states, as soon as May hits, they are getting their backyard barbecues ready for use! 

They are on the lookout for high end grills, grilling utensils, and quality grilling items. 

One of our course members’ husbands picked up a Boos Block table from a yard sale for $40. I hadn’t ever heard of the name (and neither had he!) He picked it originally for his own backyard, but then thought if he could make a few bucks for golf, he’d be willing to sell it. 

Since his wife is one of our course members, she told him that since the block table was such high quality and because it was so close to summer, she knew he could get top dollar even selling it locally. 

Guess what? He sold his Boos Block table for $350 cash in 24 hours! 

So many people are on the lookout for quality grilling items for their backyards. They are getting ready for their summer BBQ’s and cool nights on their patios. It’s a great time to sell them on eBay. 

12. Gardening Tools/Lawn Equipment

I’m not much of a gardener. It’s nice here in Florida all year round and we have a lot of green. 

There are so many states that have ice cold winters and just three short months of summer. They look forward to their gardens all winter long. 

When spring hits, they are already starting to look for those gardening tools and equipment so they can plant and grow an amazing garden to enjoy for the summer. 

Lawn Mowers

And what about that green grass? Yep, when summer hits, they go from piles of snow to mowing grass one to two times a week. 

Last season, I picked up two huge lawnmowers. I knew I would need to hang on to them for a while until closer to summer. 

Lawn Mowers are a hot commodity in the summer

But guess what? Once the weather started to warm up and people started getting ready for summer, I sold the lawnmower!

I picked it for $1,200 and sold it for $7,200! Not a bad return on my investment. I have another one waiting to sell as well and I know the closer I get to summer, the more interested buyers I will have. 

You can sell gardening tools to lawnmowers to tillers and anything in between. Gardening tools and equipment are great items to sell in the summer. 

13. Bicycles

We get out almost every day walking along with the kids on their bicycles. There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air and some exercises!

And when summer hits for the colder climates, they are excited to get their bicycles out and enjoy the summer weather. 

At any given time, you can pick up inexpensive bicycles and bicycle equipment to sell. Oftentimes, people are getting rid of their bicycles for the latest and greatest models to get off those pounds they’ve put on through the winter. 

You can check the local selling apps, thrift stores, and flea markets and you will be able to find some very inexpensive bicycles to sell. 

Sometimes they just need a little tune up or a new tire and they are good to go. Bicycle sales will definitely increase the closer you get to summer!

14. Kitchen Appliances

Do you ever decide that when the weather warms up, you are going to do some home projects? We do (although it’s pretty warm here most of the time). 

It seems like in summer people have more time. The days are longer and there seems to be more of a “vacation” atmosphere, even if you are still working. 

When summer rolls around

People get into the mood to renovate something! This was especially true during Covid! 

We definitely increase our sales for appliances and kitchen gadgets during the summer months. People not only want to get some projects done before fall, but they are looking for good deals so they don’t have to pay retail. 

Hot Items to Sell on eBay
Jenn Air is a great brand to look for

Have you ever gotten an estimate on a home project? Ouch. It can be brutal. So many people these days are looking for high end appliances that are used so they don’t have to pay retail. 

I picked a cooktop from the flea market for $150. It was a 48” Jenn-Air.  I listed and sold it for $1,700! It was for a kitchen remodel. 

There are endless kitchen appliances to sell, including stoves, refrigerators, cooktops, and dishwashers. Summer is a great time to cash in while helping someone with their home renovation. 

15. Power Tools

So what about all those home renovations? Well, they will need those power tools to go along with them. 

Check your local apps and flea markets for tools. I never buy my tools retail. I have gotten pretty much every tool I have ever owned at the flea market or locally. They are still in great shape and have worked great for me. 

When all of these home repairs and remodels are happening, people in the summer will also be looking for power tools to get the job done. 

If you have some power tools you aren’t using, get them listed right before summer and you can get some cash in your pocket!

16. Commercial Construction Equipment

The effects of Covid have been horrible. So many people have lost their jobs and are looking for ways to make a living. 

There are many people who are using their construction skills to start side businesses and full-time gigs. 

What does that mean for you? It means in the summer, people are building and remodeling quite a few things – and with a piece of construction equipment someone could start a business! 

I’ve sold cement mixers, tile cutters, scaffolding for painting, and you name it. There are so many people doing jobs in the summer and for a small investment on their part for the piece of equipment, they can make money all summer long. 

The possibilities are endless. Don’t be intimidated at selling a piece of commercial equipment. There are a lot of buyers looking for ways to start side businesses to supplement their budgets and they are looking to buy! 

17. Commercial Exercise Equipment

You might think commercial exercise equipment wouldn’t be a hot item to sell on ebay in the summer. After all, the weather is so nice, right?

But think of desert areas where in the summer, it’s scorching hot! Even in Florida it can get brutally hot and humid. 

There are people all over that are completely intolerant of the heat. What does that mean for you? It means, they are on the lookout for high end commercial exercise equipment to work out in their air conditioned homes!

Don’t overlook commercial equipment like Nordic Tracks, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bicycles. They are still hot items to sell on eBay in the summertime!

18. Strollers 

We had no idea the cost of strollers until we had kids. We could not believe the retail on some of the high-end strollers out there. They could be in the upwards of $1,000 or more! 

And the crazy thing is people will pay retail for them! But if you think about it, your kids only stay small for a very short time and that expensive stroller is no longer useful to you.

Hot Items to Sell on eBay
Sell what you use and use what you buy to sell

Even though it’s not useful to you doesn’t mean it isn’t to someone else. You will find people wanting a stroller in great shape that is half the retail price. 

We’ve sold hundreds of strollers on Ebay over the years. But when the weather gets beautiful and summer is close, you will find your stroller sales increasing. 

Just think about those nice cool walks at night with little Jr. in the stroller. Yep, there are lots of people getting out to get some fresh air after being cooped up all winter long and they are looking to buy your stroller rather than paying full-price for it!

19. Cameras & Video Equipment

Digital cameras. Video recorders. Water cameras. Go-Pros. Just think of that perfect summer vacation and how you want to capture all of those special moments. 

All those vacationers are getting ready to enjoy the perfect summer dream vacation and they don’t want to miss a thing. 

Hot Items to Sell on eBay
Vintage cameras and video equipment can be good sellers

I’ve picked up cameras and video equipment from flea markets, thrift stores, and locally on apps and sold them on eBay.

You can even find old film cameras and they are still selling for big bucks! The options for reselling cameras and video equipment during the summer are endless. Take a look in your own closets for old cameras and electronics. 

You’d be surprised what is still worth money and how well it sells in summer!

20. Summer Clothes

What’s the first thing you do when you are getting ready for summer vacation (besides making car repairs!)?

You go shopping and get some nice things to wear for yourself and the kids. As summer approaches, people are getting shorts and cool tops so they can enjoy their amazing summer adventure. 

Why pay retail?

Did you know the average consumer throws away 70 lbs of clothes per year per person?

Crazy! I’ve seen so many clothes for sale in thrift stores and yard sales that are in perfect condition. 

Take a look at what you have in your closets and instead of donating them, get them listed on eBay or Poshmark! You can make some money and re-invest it in the newest styles. 

Or better yet, take what you make on the clothes and head to a thrift store and buy yourself a few things for a third of what you would pay retail. 

Summer clothes are one of the best things you can sell in summer. Everyone is looking for them and you will have no shortage of customers who want to buy them. 

There you have it! Those are our top 20 hot items to sell on eBay during the summer! And that’s just a short list!

One key thing to remember is to look for those top brands of those categories. Brands are everything when reselling!

What about you? Have you thought about getting some things listed on eBay but you’ve been fearful of getting started. Check out our free intro webinar to see if flipping items might be a good fit for you!

We want to hear from you!

What are some of your favorite summer ebay best sellers? Comment below!


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