Intermediate Course

Flipper University Level 2 - Intermediate Flipping Course
Module 1 Welcome
Welcome to Flea Market Flipper University Intermediate Course
Unit 1 Welcome!
Unit 2 Does Buying and Reselling Take Advantage of People?
Module 2 Sourcing Items
What items to look for and where to find those items.
Unit 1 Where to Find The Best Items to Flip
Unit 2 Finding Items of Value
Unit 3 How to Use OfferUp to Find Great Items to Resell
Unit 4 How to Use Facebook to Find Items to Resell
Unit 5 Negotiating the Sale
Module 3 Getting Your Items Ready to Sell
How to get your items ready to sell for the highest profit.
Unit 1 Cleaning Up and Fixing an Item
Unit 2 Taking Great Pictures!
Module 4 Selling on eBay
We will piggy back off the beginner course and dive deeper into selling on eBay
Unit 1 How to List an Item on eBay - Basic Overview
Unit 2 Personal vs. Business Account
Unit 3 Regular Account vs eBay Store
Unit 4 Improving eBay SEO
Unit 5 Good Communication with Customers
Unit 6 Refunds and Returns
Unit 7 How to Become a Top Rated Seller
Unit 8 How to Get Rid of Negative Feedback
Module 5 Selling On Other Platforms
How to use the different platforms - Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, offerUp and eBay to sell your items
Unit 1 How to Use Craigslist to Sell Your Item
Unit 2 Using OfferUp to Sell Your Item
Unit 3 How to Sell in Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace
Unit 4 Meeting With Buyers and Safety
Module 6 Packaging and Shipping
How to package and ship items you sell.
Unit 1 Packaging Materials
Unit 2 How to Package Medium & Large Items For FedEx and UPS
Unit 3 How to Save Money on Your Shipping Labels
Unit 4 Shipping Insurance
Unit 5 How to make a shipping insurance claim:
Module 7 Keeping Good Records
Here comes the not-so-fun stuff. A least for me. But it's essential for running a successful business. In this module we will discuss accounting, bookkeeping, & taxes.
Unit 1 Setting Up Your Business
Unit 2 Taxes
Unit 3 Keeping Good Records
Module 8 Resources
This module is where you will find the quick links to all the resources mentioned in the course.
Unit 1 Resources | Quick Links
Unit 2 What's Next?