Freight Shipping Course

Flipper University Level 3 - Freight Shipping
Module 1 Getting Started
Welcome to the Advanced Flipper University Course!
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 How to List an Item with Freight Shipping on eBay
Module 2 Boxing, Palleting, and Crating Large Items
In this module we will take you through several examples step-by-step of boxing, palleting and crating large items.
Unit 1 How to Determine if You Need to Ship UPS/FedEx or Freight
Unit 2 Boxing Large Items
Unit 3 Palleting items to ship
Unit 4 How to Crate Items for Freight Shipping
Module 3 Getting Quotes and Shipping Out Your Items
In this module we will talk about getting quotes and the process of dropping off or scheduling pick ups for your items.
Unit 1 Getting Freight Quotes
Unit 2 Freight Pick Up VS Terminal Drop Off
Unit 3 What's Next?