The Work Anywhere Life Interview with Ben Pyle

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I am very excited about this interview we did with Ben Pyle from The Work Anywhere Life. Without Ben and his wife Caitlin, and without their course, our blog, Flea Market Flipper wouldn't be around today! We owe A LOT of thanks to these two. We are grateful that we were friends well before their online business endeavors, and now get to learn from them. We are happy to have them local to us as well, so we get to hang out in person, not just online! Check out The Work Anywhere Life interview with Ben Pyle below:

1. What is Monetize your Genius/Work Anywhere Life?

In 2014 my wife, Caitlin, and I ventured into the world of online business. We didn't know what we were doing and even underestimated our own potential. But with hard work and persistence, we developed a 7-figure business. The Work Anywhere Life brand was developed to help other people follow the same path we did. We provide coaching and strategies to help people succeed online.

Monetize Your Genius is our flagship product that walks people through starting their first online course business. We show them how to build a website, develop a product, and market it online.  

2. Before you started writing your first course, Proofread Anywhere, did you think that making money online was a realistic thing?

There was a time when I didn't even know anything about online business. For 30 years of my life, I never wanted to be a business owner, I just wanted to be an employee. But I am a curious person and I found out about people just like me who were starting an online business, making lots of money, and living a life they lived. They weren't working 90 hours a week. Seeing that made opened a new possibility for me.

3. When you made your first online course, did you think you would have the success that you had?

My wife, Caitlin, was very skeptical. The first day launching the course we made about $1,900, which was more money than I had made on any paycheck EVER! Caitlin thought it was just luck and no one else would buy. Well… they did 🙂

I knew there was potential with what we had, but I never imagined it growing as much or as fast as it did.

4. What are some of the things you attribute your success to? (such as discipline, focus, consistency, etc). 

Stay curious and try new ideas out.

Hard Work. Nobody works harder than Caitlin when she is invested in a project.

Focus. Focus on what you want in life and your goals.

Resilience. Life happens, and things get in the way of your dreams. Should you give up your dreams? No. You just gotta figure out new solutions to problems you didn't see at first. 

5. Did you follow a step-by-step process like you outline in The Work Anywhere Life? Or was it mostly trial and error?

Trial and error. We didn't have any experience starting out. I do recommend learning really good marketing principles from people like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Perry Marshall. 

6. We are very grateful that you made this course, without it we would not have created Flea Market Flipper! What made you decided to make this course available for people?

After sharing our success at a business event people wanted to learn from us. They were even ready to give us money to develop the course and come in as a beta tester. The exchange of money is always a big motivator 🙂

7. What is something that you offer in The Work Anywhere Life that you wish you would have known more about before making your first course?

Plugin advice. We use WordPress for our websites and courses. There are a gazillion plugins to choose from. We tried a LOT of them. Wasted some money on some. Eventually found some good ones that did what we needed. the Monetize Your Genius course gives you all the recommendations you need. You don't need to do any guess work.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Nope. Thanks for the interview Rob!

Like I said previously, we highly recommend this course. We learned SO MUCH about creating a website, blog, and digital product, by taking this course.  I literally knew NOTHING about blogging until we started Monetize Your Genius. I can also vouch for Ben and Caitlin, they are good people. Ben is a terrific encourager & motivator, and great at helping you create action steps to take, and Caitlin is phenomenal with copy and wording, and they both always have some great ideas to help your site too! We also knew them several years before they made their millions in the online space, which for me, somehow makes a difference. We knew them before money and we know them now, and they are the same cook people – only now with a little more online business experience.

Check out The Work Anywhere Life online course HERE to get moving toward your financial goals!