What We Flipped To Make $2,300 Last Month

What we flipped last month

And another month bites the dust.

This month was a little quieter than last month’s total of $16,000 in sales.

But sometimes I need a little break after creating a few pallets back to back. So this month we didn’t really focus on getting things listed.

Instead we focused more on getting inventory organized, our Flipper University members, and on our awesome readers like YOU!

Christmas Money Challenge

Last month held our annual #FlipItForChristmas challenge with the goal to help people make an extra $250 for Christmas expenses! (We all know those extra expenses sometimes creep up.)

And it was incredible!

So many people hit their goal and some even more!

Angela hit her $250 goal a week early.

Between Facebook Marketplace and eBay, Christina made $700!

And in just ONE flip, Philip made $800!

Listing Challenge

While we did the #FlipItForChristmas challenge, we challenged our course members step it up a notch.

We asked them to commit to listing an item every day for the month of November.

And many of them kicked butt and got so many items listed and sold!

Flipper U alum Lyndi made over $1,000 in 24 hours – just by being consistent in listing!

Patti hit a milestone last month of $5K!

And Dena was able to gift her daughter her wedding dress just from the money she’s made from flipping! And she paid it off in just 6 weeks!

Our Flipping Profit

Ok, so it’s time to get to our flips.

As a family we have 5 items that totaled $1,800. And we had a yard sale that totaled $516 for a total of $2,316.

But not counting the kids account that we just started or the yard sale we had 3 sales.

We will jump into the kids account in a minute, but we want to dive into our account for our 3 items worth $1,758

The first item we sold was our OLD washer!

We paid $35 for it a few years ago (at an auction) and sold it for $400!

So just to take a minute – before you take your appliances to the road evaluate what you haves – they may be worth something!

Our dryer had an issue (which I was able to troubleshoot thanks to youtube) but we replaced the set last month. I bought a new set from a flea market vendor $150 with the intention of selling ours for at least that or more – what they are worth.

And we did it with just the washer!

The second flip was an awesome furniture flip.

We didn’t have to paint it either!

It was a teak set that we bought for $50. Just pressure washed it and added a little teak oil and it sold for $1,312!

The last sale was a small one, but the best part is it was FREE.

We picked up a Dyson vacuum that someone threw in the trash and there was one broken part so we decided to sell the parts from it.

We listed the head of the vacuum and sold it for $47!

There are still several more parts to sell and they should bring in another $150! Now we just have to get them listed.

We actually had one more sale last month that would have blown the rest of the month out of the water. But I didn’t include it in the totals because the buyer realized it was the wrong size and asked for a refund the same day he purchased it. (It was a big one so it wasn’t shipped or anything yet)

We sold the second bus wash for $15,500!

But then he cancelled the sale.

I’m not sure who purchases a bus wash and doesn’t read the measurements first, but oh well.

That was a bit of an emotional roller coaster of a day. But we moved on and I know it will sell soon!

Breakdown of Profits

Samsung Washer – Picked for $35, Sold for $400, eBay fees – $49; Shipping costs – $105; Total Profit –$211

Teak Set – Picked for $50, Sold for $1,312, eBay fees – $160; shipping costs – $125; Total Profit – $977

Dyson Part – Picked for $0, Sold for $47, eBay fees – $6; shipping costs – $13; Total Profit – $28

Total invested – $85, Total sales- $1,759; Total eBay fees – $215; Total shipping costs – $243; Total profit – $1,216

Kid’s Store

And we can’t forget the kids!

Melissa set up the kids with an account this fall and they have been loving selling stuff and making money!

They didn’t list a lot last month, but Roxy sold an easy bake oven for $22 (plus shipping), that she picked for $5 at the thrift store with me.

And Brody sold a pair of Van’s shoes for $6 on eBay and his old matchbox car set for $65 on Facebook Marketplace!

It’s been really fun to show them how they can make some extra money for the stuff they want.

Yard Sale

Last month we also held a yard sale! We typically do this 1-2x a year.

We use it as a time to liquidate some old inventory, and to just sell stuff we’ve accumulated (you know I how much I love to find things!)

This sale was focused more on the kid’s stuff.

We are rearranging their rooms and Melissa went through their entire room and closet with them and the kids decided what they wanted to keep or what they wanted to sell.

This is not an easy task for kids as they tend to want to keep EVERYTHING!

But we told them whatever they sold we would use it to redo their bedrooms how they wanted to do them.

Of course Brody wants a shark room, and the girls want a mermaid and unicorn themed room.

Well they made a grand total of $516!

The shark room has been painted and is almost ready! Next is the girls’ room!

If you want to see more behind the scenes of our flipping adventure, check out our Instagram stories!

$100K Pro Flipper Club

Last month we had a huge milestone hit by one of our members.

Many of you know that we have a Pro Flipper Club for our Flipper University members.

We celebrate when they hit their first $1K in sales with a Pro Flipper shirt, and we also celebrate the $5K and $10K milestones with fun goodies as well!

Well we had our first member hit $100K in sales!

And she did it within 2 years of joining Flipper U!

There will be a post coming out soon on how Stacy hit $100K in her flipping biz, but we are so excited for her!

When we started this whole blog thing we had no idea we would be able to help someone hit $100K in their flipping biz!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to share what we’ve learned over the years of flipping items.

If you think this could be a good extra income for you and your family, check out our free workshop here.


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