Furniture Flip & Ship Course Access

Furniture Flip and Ship Course
Module 1 Getting Started
Setting up your accounts with PayPal and ebay
Unit 1 How to Set Up Your eBay Account
Unit 2 How to Set Up Your PayPal Account
Unit 3 Getting Feedback to Start Selling
Module 2 Selling on eBay
How to list and sell your furniture pieces on eBay
Unit 1 Pricing an Item
Unit 2 Taking GREAT Pictures
Unit 3 Writing a Good Description
Unit 4 Auction VS. Fixed Price Format
Unit 5 Personal VS Business Account
Unit 6 Regular Account VS eBay Store
Unit 7 Improving eBay SEO
Unit 8 Good Communication With Your Customers
Unit 9 Refunds and Returns
Unit 10 How To Become a Top Rated Seller
Unit 11 How To Get Rid of Negative Feedback
Module 3 How to Box, Pallet and Crate Furniture For Shipping
How to Box, Pallet and Crate Furniture For Shipping
Unit 1 How to Determine if You Need to Ship UPS/FedEx or Freight
Unit 2 How to List an Item on eBay With Freight Shipping
Unit 3 Calculated VS Flat Rate Shipping
Unit 4 Boxing Large Items
Unit 5 How to Crate Items for Shipping
Unit 6 Palleting Items to Ship
Module 4 Getting Quotes and Shipping Out Your Items
Getting quotes from different freight companies and shipping out your item.
Unit 1 Getting Freight Quotes
Unit 2 Freight Pick Up VS Terminal Drop Off