How This Mom Fully Funded Summer Vacation (& A $9K Camper!) With Her Flipping Side Hustle

fund vacation with flipping side hustle

We all dream of things we would love to have or would love to do right?

We may not think our dreams are possible, but, sometimes they are!

And to make them possible, we have to make goals, save, and prioritize. 

Sometimes though, we impulsively buy something now because we think we can’t wait! Those impromptu purchases come with payments, interest, and money we really should be spending on bills, debt, or necessities.

We all do it! Believe me, we are not an exception. We have done it too. Even though those kinds of purchases make us happy in the moment, sometimes they come with regret or remorse.

Sometimes, we just dream of buying that one thing and just don’t believe it is possible. We don’t make goals, we don’t save, and guess what? We don’t get that item we dream of.

If we haven’t made goals, and we haven’t saved, and we get that thing anyway, we have to make compromises. 

Maybe those compromises are debt, bills, spending money, or even things we need. We wouldn’t have to make compromises if we would have just been patient, made goals, took steps to reach those goals, and saved.

But how do we do that?

Today we are going to talk to Joanna. Joanna is a Flipper University member, and friend.

Joanna is also a regular person just like you and I. She works full-time, she is a wife, a mom, and a flipper!

Hey Joanna, tell us how you were able to set goals, prioritize, save, and achieve a long-time goal and more.

Here’s Joanna

Hi everyone! Some of you may have seen my interview with Rob and Melissa a few months ago. I talked about my flipping journey and how through the process, I went from making a couple hundred dollars a month, to now making $2-$3k a month.

I have learned so much over in the last few years

Through my flipping journey:

  • My confidence has increased exponentially
  • My mindset has shifted
  • I have learned to set goals
  • Taking risks I wouldn’t have taken before
  • I believe in myself and that my flipping potential is endless

There was a specific item that catapulted my confidence. And, this sale resulted in the beginning of a mindset shift.

Industrial lights! Yep, 10 industrial lights were a game changer for me!

Risks have never been easy for me. I tend to be cautious in my decisions.

Early on I decided that I would not make an investment into an item to sell unless I was confident that I could at least make my money back.

That being said, I saw a picture on Facebook Marketplace of these strange industrial lights. It may sound weird, but I honestly get feelings about things. I don’t always trust those feelings, but when I trust my gut, I am usually right.

Remember I told you that I am usually cautious?

This was no exception. The man listed 10 of these lights for $10 each. Not completely trusting my gut, I decided we would buy 4 instead of the whole 10.

When my husband arrived to pick them up, the seller just gave the rest to my husband for the same $40 that I was willing to spend for 4. Sweet!!!

All 10 of these sold to a lighting store in Las Vegas for $75

I quickly took pictures and got them listed. A few had sold before and $75 each seemed fair to buyers and great for me. Inside, I hoped by some miracle that 1 person would buy all of them.

Well guess what? One person did buy all of them. That sale boosted my confidence to great heights. It was scary, but I proved I could do it!

I kept taking some more risks and then I was regularly making about $1000 a month. This was huge for me and my family. We could do awesome things with this kind of money. 

Goals, Saving and Making Happy Campers!

Setting goals has always helped me through life and flipping is no exception.

So, I set goals of how much money I wanted to make flipping. But, I had not included what I was going to do with that money. Because I didn’t know at that time what I would do with the money. We were really able to think about it.

This year I set some more specific targets and one of them was to save a portion of my flipping money for a larger purchase. We were not 100% on what that would be yet, but we definitely had some ideas.

I made this goal chart and it’s fun to see where I am at

I was finally in a situation in my life where I could save and that I could completely dedicate my flipping money towards meeting my goals.

Flipping has been an incredible opportunity for myself and my family. It is exciting to show my kids that anything is possible. I am teaching them how to flip too.

Financially, I have not always been in a situation where we can make some bigger purchases, do things for other people, and pay down debt.

And, Setting goals is very motivating and keeps you accountable. Also, anyone that has kids knows that when you involve kids in your goals, they don’t let you forget and they hold you to it.

Remembering why I do this, also keeps me accountable too. I do it for my family, remembering that keeps me constantly moving forward.

My why

Flipping has changed my life

Flipping used items gives us opportunities we would not have otherwise.These are just some of the opportunities we have had because of flipping! 

Opportunities because of flipping


We had a used truck that was starting to have mechanical issues. A neighbor was selling an older car. We decided it would be great to buy the car so my husband could work on the truck and still have the ability to get to and from work and to pick up kids from school. Flipping gave us the ability to pay cash for that car. 

We used the car for a while, and then were able to give it to a family member to have a second vehicle for her family.


I was able to use flipping money to give my step-daughter $1000 cash for a down payment on a car which helped her get a low-interest loan with a small payment. This helped her young family tremendously.


I was able to pay off some old debt. What a relief that was! I am also able to consistently make extra payments on my students loans.


We have been able to take extra trips because of flipping money. This summer we took off and went through New Mexico and to my home state of Colorado to explore the great outdoors. 100% paid with flipping money


And, I was able to fly my mom out from Maine to see us in Arizona for her birthday, all with flipping money. 

Drum Roll Please!!!!

#6 – Happy Campers

Because of flipping, I was able to pay cash for a new-to-us camper. We had been talking about this for a while. I had never had that kind of extra money. It was exciting and a little scary at the same time.

But, part of me wanted to spend it and part of me wanted to hoard it.

Then it happened! We jumped into this new-to-us camper and have never looked back.

We had so much fun on our summer road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with this camper! Those are memories that will have forever!

The Future

Because my flipping journey has been just that, a journey, I have been able to see my progress steadily increase.

Everyone’s journey will be different. I would not change a thing about mine. I started slowly, watched and learned. I ramped up over time and built confidence as I went. I am so excited for the future, I know I can do anything I set my mind too.

The bigger the items the better now. I love finding things that are different and fun. All the new experiences are exciting and the potential is truly endless. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I now aim to make 5 to 10 times my investment.

Thanks Joanna. It is fun to watch your journey and see how your confidence and willingness to try new things has grown over the last couple years.

What do you dream of being able to do?

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